Monday, 4 January 2016

Play Day Monday

I am still having the bestest of fun but all my decorations and my tree have been put away in the loft again till next year. I was a wee bit sad to see them going away, but I asked my MH to play with me to cheer me up again and she did. We both laid down on the floor and played with all my toys and I had very good fun.

It has been a bad day for weather on my little island and I haven't been out for more that half a minute at a time 'cos then I get rained on and blowed about and I don't like it, so I knock on the window and ask to be let in again---quickly!

I have decided that if the weather stays like this, then I shall be an indoor puss cat and just play with the old dear and I know that will keep her happy too. I will probably play with my DH tomorrow 'cos he is going to go back to the Cat Shop on Wednesday so I will spoil him a wee bit tomorrow.

I know he will like that.

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