Monday, 18 January 2016

Still No Snow....

..... but lots of frost making my little island all white which is lovely especially when the grass is all crispy and crinkly when I run on it AND you can see my adorable little paw prints so you know where I have been.

My DH went away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH sat on my couch for a while working out what we were going to do with our day. I knew, and you all probably know too, that it involved the vacuum cleaner and some dusters for her and lots of plays and sleeps for me.

I started my day with a garden explore and I liked being out in the frost although it was a tad cold on this adorable little body, so I didn't stay out too long. The weather was good enough for my MH to leave the window open for me so I could come and go as I pleased which is just how I like it. That was the pattern of my morning while the old dear wandered round my house hoovering and dusting everything that didn't move!

I got a surprise in the afternoon when my MH called for me as I was having a snooze on one of my beds and she asked me if I wanted to go out with her. WHOOSH! I was at the door before she finished asking! We went and fed the birdies and then went into the gym 'cos she is starting something called a new years revolution and she wants to get fitter so we started today. I don't need to get fitter, you understand. I am just there for moral support and to make sure the revolution doesn't get out of hand!

When she was finished it was my time and we played together in my garden and that's what today's pictures are, although one of them shows the end of the rainbow sitting right on my fence. I think that means something good so we are all happy.

I will tell you if anything more special happens.


  1. There is always a treasure with a rainbow. Perhaps the treasure is you.

  2. Oh, you are making me blush again, Bonnie. But I do think you might be right! Hee hee :-))