Sunday, 3 January 2016

Sunday Again

I think Christmas time is nearly over in my house 'cos I heard my humans saying that they might take down my tree and all the decorations again. I am a bit sad 'cos I love my little tree and I have had super fun during this holiday time but my MH says that all my fun will continue even though everything else is back in the boxes and up in the loft till next year.

I have been indoors nearly all day as it has been wet and very windy and it has to be a bit worser later on so I shall have to decide whether to go out the door or the window or just stay in my house. I am having a snooze as I am thinking.

I had good fun with my MH as she was changing the beds again and she tickled me lots and lots and then I hid under my blanket and had my first snooze of the afternoon. My DH has been working with his meccano set and he is a very happy DH and he said that when it is all builded up, I can show you his wheel and he thinks it won't be too much longer so I am looking forward to that.

So, that's all the news for just now but I shall tell you more tomorrow, but I hope you are all back to normal too.

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  1. I guess things are back to normal here, whatever normal is. Hope your weather improves so you can have more adventures. Sending hugs, and a scritch under your dear little chin.