Monday, 8 February 2016

A Good Monday

It has been a good day for me and my humans. Weather-wise, it's not great, but at least I have been able to get to play whenever I want to. It has been very cold so when I did go out, I didn't stay out too long and came back in for a cuddle.

As usual, it was house-working day in my house, so I just wandered about from room to room following my MH and if I didn't know where she was, I just had to listen for the vacuum cleaner and then I knew where to find her. At one point, she lost me though and had to look all over the house for me and then she found me in the spare room under my blanket again and I was sound asleep so she just stroked me and went away.

We had a few wee plays in my living room with all my toys and my DH has made me a new toy which I will show you tomorrow. You know how much I love playing with my little mouses that my friend J. gave me and sometimes when my MH is playing with me, I accidentally scratch her with my incredibly sharp little claws and that upsets me, so she asked my DH to put a bit of string on its tail so that we can play with it without the old dear getting her little hand in the way of my lethal weapons. I liked it lots and I played with my DH but the camera wasn't ready for me, so I will show you another time.

What I can show you is all the starlings that were in my back garden this morning. My MH was busy but she heard me growling and saw my tail was swishing so she looked out of the window to see what was making me do that and she saw all the starlings so she tooked this picture so that you could see them too. I am sure you will like it.

If the weather is OK, my humans are going to Kirkwall tomorrow so yours truly will be spending the day having a snooze until they come home again. I hope they bring me something nice. I shall let you know.

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