Monday, 15 February 2016

A Very Cold Puss

I have had a very good day and I am pleased to report that I am right back to my normal, adorable little self today and I am eating all my dinners as though they are going out of fashion! My MH did mention that I emptied my plate and asked for more, but I tried to explain that I had a lot of dinners that I had missed and they left big empty spaces in my little tum, which now need to be filled up. See?

My DH went away to the Cat Shop as usual and the old dear got out the vacuum cleaner and all her dusters and polishes, so I sat on the window sill for a while and just thought. I decided it looked quite nice outside, so I found the old dear and asked her to let me out and off I went skipping gaily over the frozen grass. I tried to have a wee drink out of my fountain but it was frozed too so I didn't try in case I got my tongue stucked to it and that would not have been good at all, would it? NO!

I stayed out for a long time 'cos there were some birdies and some sheeps that I could have a chat too and then I decided it was home time and wandered back. Well, my dear friends, by the time I plopped in through my window I was nearly frozed too and when my MH lifted me up for my welcome home cuddle, she felt how cold I was and held me for a long time till I thawed out a bit. Oh dear, I was cold. VERY cold! But I was fine 'cos I had lots of dinners in side me to keep me from freezing completely.

In the afternoon, I had a snooze while my MH played on her Wii and then I asked her to play with me and we had great fun until the old boy came home and told us all about his day and we told him all the things we had been doing.

We have all had a good day and I hope your day has been a good one too.

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