Thursday, 18 February 2016


This is me being found where I shouldn't be. But then again, if the old dear takes my picture before shoo-ing me off the table, she can't be that annoyed at me, can she? Nope!

Our friend A. gave my MH these flowers for her birthday, and every night I nip up on to the table and have a wee sniff at them and every night my humans tell me I shouldn't be there and I jump down again and they both say 'good puss'---but then comes the next night and we do it all over again! Hee hee

I have had another good day but it is still very cold on my little island, so I haven't been out very much and when I do venture outside, I just run round my house and come back in again for my warm-you-up cuddle. It is worth getting cold for.

Both my humans have been a bit busy today, but there has still been a lot of time for me and me and my MH had a play on my bed which I loved. She had to go out for a while this afternoon and she walked to my friend M.'s house and back again. It is only about a five minute walk for the old dear, but when she came back, she was very cold, so can you guess what I did? Yep. I gave her a great big cuddle.

And she loved it MILLIONS!!

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