Saturday, 20 February 2016

Ho Hum Again

It has been a very not nice day and I have hardly been outside at all. It has rained and snowed and the wind has blowed, so it is not good for a puss to be out in that.

I have had a good day though, 'cos neither of my humans felt like going outside either, so they were here all day with me and I was able to play and have lots of cuddles, so I am not really complaining. I did go out for a couple of very short trips but I wasn't enjoying myself, so I just came home again and played with my humans.

I have been having a rest in my wee hoose and it is lovely and fresh again 'cos my MH put it in the washing machine and made it all clean for me. I was frightened something might happen to it, but it is perfect and I am very comfortable in it. It is lovely and warm and I look so cute in it! Oops, my modesty slipped there! Hee hee

You will notice that today's picture isn't just as clear as they normally are and if you look closely you might work out why. It is 'cos my DH took it with his IPad when I was all cosied up to my MH last night when she was playing on her IPad and they both thought I looked so lovely and decided that you would probably want to see me.

So here I am!

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