Monday, 1 February 2016

Horrible Henry

We had a day of peace and quiet when Gusty Gertie went away but now Horrible Henry is here and the wind is shouting at me again and every time I have gone out today, I have got soaked in all the rain. I think there is a big cloud just waiting for me to put my adorable little self outside and then it empties itself on top of me. Not a happy Intrepid-Squeak.

Now, I suppose you are asking why I have sended you a picture of a very lumpy blanket, although if you read about me a lot, you might have guessed, but if you haven't, then it's me! I am that lump and that is a very special blanket. When my MH's mummy was a very old lady, she came here to stay with my humans so that they could look after her and she knitted all those squares and then a friend joined them all together and made me a blanket. Well, they made a blanket and my MH said I could use it if I looked after it 'cos all this happened before I was made. I like it and I do look after it 'cos I am a very good puss.

I have had a good day and have been in and out quite a few times but it is cold and wet and windy, so I am happier being inside with my MH even when another little girl children came to my house tonight for guitar lessons and I had to listen from my hiding place under my couch. Ho hum. Al least it wasn't too long and she was actually quite good, but that's just between me and you.

I sat on my window sill for a while watching my sheeps friends and my MH tooked these pictures of the Jacob ram and I think this is Mrs. Jacob too. I like these sheeps and I am looking forward to better weather so that I can go into the field and have a chat with them.

I think I shall have to wait until Horrible Henry has gone away somewhere else----but who will be next I wonder?


  1. Hoping for some calm weather for you Squeak. You certainly need a bit of a break from the wind and rain. You have a lovely blanket, and I knew you were under it. I am glad you take care of it.

  2. It has been a lot better today Bonnie and my MH doesn't get so worried about me when I go out---'specially at night time. I'm glad you like my blanket. I love scooting under it 'cos it is so cosy on my adorable little body. I hope you are OK.