Wednesday, 24 February 2016

I Like Wednesdays

And today was a very good one. My DH nipped away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH settled down for a girlie day---just me and her. She even promised me that she wouldn't do any housework and that was very good news 'cos it meant she had time to play with me. She did have to go out in the afternoon, but by that time I was a wee bit tired and quite happy to nip into my wee hoose and wait for her.

I spent a lot of time on her knee and then I asked her to play with me which she did. My DH had to put a new bit of string on my mouse on a stick toy 'cos I had somehow managed to chew the other string so much that it broke, but I like the new string and me and my MH played with that and as you can see, I had very good fun.

When she came home from being away visiting, I ran to meet her and I got a big cuddle and a wee feed and then I decided to go outside for a while and when I came home, my MH made a funny joke 'cos she said I was like a mountain. And why? Cos I was snowed on! Get it? Snowdon----good eh? It had started to snow and my adorable little coat was all speckled with little snow drops and I looked even more adorable. Frozen but adorabler.

I will have an evening on my couch and then a short trip outside before bedtime and I hope there will be more snow for me to play in, but I'm not sure. I shall ask my little weather man friend and I will let you know.

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