Saturday, 27 February 2016

It's Just Getting Better

My days are just getting better and it is making me very happy. The weather is still good and even though it is cold, it isn't bad enough to keep me indoors and I have been outside nearly all afternoon. And what made it even better was that both my humans were out with me too.

We didn't get up too early 'cos we don't do very much at the weekend, but as soon as I had my breakfast I nipped out my window and into the garden and it was magic! I did lots of sniffing and had a wee chat to the sheeps and they were much happier too 'cos they were dry and their lovely woolly coats keep them warm so we were all very pleased.

A wee while later, one of my DH's friends came to help him stick a slate back on our roof 'cos there was a space where it should have been but the naughty wind had taken it off, but we are back to normal again.

I wandered into my house just in time to see the old dear getting ready to wash all the outside of our windows and so I had a wee nibble at my biscuits, a wee drink and I was back out again to keep her company 'cos I knew that she would play with me when she was finished. And was I right? Of course I was. That's when today's pictures were taken for you and I just loved every minute of it.

But we weren't finished there, 'cos she decided to have another wee shot on her bike and so we went back into the gym and she was able to leave the door open for me so that I could nip in and out to make sure she was fine. And she was.

So you can see why I have had a super Saturday. I am hoping that Sunday will be just as super for me and for you too.

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