Thursday, 4 February 2016

Lazy Squeak

I have very little news for you today because I have been sleeping lots and lots. I decided to have a duvet day and just wandered round my various sleeping places having a little snooze on each bed.

It is so lovely and quiet on my little island without all the horrid winds shouting at us and as my humans were a bit busy, I thought that my sleeping places were definitely the best option. My MH was doing some of her housework and she had a few wee jobs for my DH which kept him very busy, but she has promised that there won't be any work now until Monday, so that is fine.

Remember I told you that my DH was watching football last night? Well, if I tell you that at the end of it he wasn't a happy DH, can you work out that his team were beaten? Oh dear. Me and my MH didn't say anything. That was the wise thing to do!

I have been outside a few times but there isn't very much for me to do right now and it is quite cold, so I nip home fairly quickly back into the heat and I know that if I want to play, I just have to ask.

I shall probably ask tomorrow, but tonight I am resting.

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