Saturday, 6 February 2016

More String Fun

I am still not very hungry although I did have a light supper before bed last night and I have had a wee nibble at my dinner today, so I am not starving. I think my dear old MH is a bit worried about me, but I am fine really. Just not very hungry.

I have had a good day playing with the old dear and we even found the bit of string that we played with yesterday so she got down on the floor and we played more with it today and it made my DH laugh when he saw what we were doing. I liked it lots.

We even played my favourite game on top of my bed when she wrapped me up in my blanket and tickled me and I pretended to be very fierce. I did stick my adorable little claws out quite a lot and my MH had to be careful 'cos I didn't want to hurt her.

We both went outside to feed the birdies and we played in the garden for a while but it was very cold so we didn't stay out too long. We had good fun though and we were both happy. Apart from that, I haven't done very much at all, but I am quite excited about tomorrow 'cos my two friends S. and M. are coming to my house to see another film and they always make a fuss of me, which, as you know, is exactly what I was made for!

I just love cuddles and fussing and sitting on the knees of my very favourite humans so tomorrow will be a good day for me, and I hope it is a good day for you too.

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