Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Much Quieter

We have been able to get back to normal today. My DH nipped away on the boat to the Cat Shop and me and my MH had a girlie couch day which we both liked. She did a wee bit of housework and I just wandered about with her while she talked to me all the time.

It wasn't windy on my little island but it was cold and one time , after I had been outside for quite a long time, I was very cold when I came home but my MH lifted me up and cuddled me warm again and that was just brilliant. It was well worth getting cold!

In the afternoon, I watched her as she played on her Wii but in between times we had lots of seats on my couch and lots of wee chats and I liked that too. I asked her to take a picture of my DH's wheel which is nearly finished. I don't really understand this bit, but I think it still has to get wired into the sunshine and I am not sure how he is going to do that, but I shall let you know if I ever find out.

When my MH was working in the other room, I sat and looked out the window 'cos I was getting a different view, but you can't see it very well 'cos it was raining but I could see the farm next door where the nice farmer man and lady live, but I didn't see them. They were probably working hard.

My DH is watching the football tonight so my little paws are crossed that his team wins 'cos he is not a happy DH when they lose. And they have lost too much for his liking so anything can happen tonight.


  1. The wheel looks very interesting. I'm glad you will let me know how it works. It is nice to see another view from your house. and I like your pictures. Here's a little scritch under your chin.

  2. Thank you for my little scritch, Bonnie. My MH sat me on her knee, tickled my adorable little chin and told me it was from you and I loved it MILLONS, so thank you for sending it to me.