Friday, 12 February 2016

Normal Service.....

.... is almost resumed as far as this adorable little puss is concerned. I am feeling much better and I have been eating all my dinners and even drinking my milk. In fact, I got a wee surprise this morning which I am sure will make you smile, andf then you will realise how totally, TOTALLY spoiled I am.

Me and my MH got up this morning and I asked her to please feed me which made her very happy and she stood and watched while I ate all my breakfast and she was very happy. She told me that she was going to be changing the sheets and duvets so I decided to nip back to bed for a while 'cos it was still lovely and cosy. My MH ate up all her cereal and then she came to find me and I had my little drop of milk in my bed! Oh, it was brilliant! I nave never had breakfast in bed before, but my MH said it was just because it was her birthday today and it wouldn't happen again. I don't mind though, 'cos it was super.

I helped her put all the clean stuff on the beds and we had a play while we were doing that and I liked that too and then it was time for my DH to come home with our box and the STRING! Oh I am so happy that I was feeling well enough to play with it and we played for ages and ages.

After I had another rest, me and my MH played with my mouse on a stick and again we had great fun. So you can see that I am just about back to normal being a very well and very happy little puss.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday to your MH and I am very glad you are almost back to normal.

  2. Thank you Bonnie. I am very well again and my MH says to say thank you for her birthday wishes. She had a good day and we both hope you are having good days too.