Thursday, 11 February 2016

Now, here's a problem

You all know I have been a wee bit off colour lately, and altough I am not sick, my MH thinks I am just not right somehow and she is a bit worried. However, I did something today which has made her very confused and it made my DH shook his head even more than usual.

We all had a good day and I slept most of the time while my MH did more of her housework, but every now and then she would come to me and give me a wee cuddle and that made me happy. Then in the afternoon, I got a great big surprise when my friend S. brought her friend A. into my house to see me again. They both cuddled me and then I sat on the back of my couch and just listened while all the humans chatted.

When my visitors went away, it was then that I did something that my poor old MH just doesn't understand. I asked her for a wee drop of dinner and she put some in my plate, but I only took a little mouthful and then left it. She thought that I might like some tuna so she put some of that on another plate and gave it to me, but after I sniffed it, I just walked away. The old dear was worried but then she had an idea and she put a tiny drop of mayonnaise on the tuna and gave it back to me. Can you guess what I did? You probably can.

I gobbled up the tuna and then ate more than half of the cat food that was in my other dish! You probably knew that's what was going to happen, but can you work out why?

Nope. Neither can my humans.

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  1. It was lovely to see you again Squeak and I'm so pleased you are now feeling better and eating properly. A