Tuesday, 16 February 2016

What A Day!

Oh my dear friends, it was nearly dinner time before I was brave enough to venture out into the wind and the rain and I think my poor old MH was a tad exasperated with my restlessness all through the day, but then she wouldn't go out either!

My little weather man friend warned me it wouldn't be a very good day, but I didn't know it was going to be THAT bad. I was not a happy Squeak at all ----well, not until my MH played with me and then after a while I found every single bit of my intrepidness which I had left lying about my house, and I girded my loins with it and out I went. Do you like that wee bit? I have been watching some of the words on my MH's books and just pick out the ones I like. Goodness knows what you might read tomorrow! Hee hee.

Anyway. I have had a good afternoon really 'cos I asked the old dear to play with me and my toys and she did and it was when we were playing that I managed to pull my little mouse off the string, so that's a job for the old boy later on. I liked when it was on the string 'cos me and my MH could play with it without me accidentally hurting her hands with my razor sharp-- but adorable--little claws. I don't like when I do that, and I have it on very good authority that she doesn't like it either!

When I did go out this afternoon I saw that the rain had made lots of puddles on my grass and that is very unusual 'cos my house is right at the top of our little island and that's about 120 feet above the sea, and we shouldn't be having puddles,so it just shows how much rain we have had. I must admit that I had a wee paddle and I quite liked it, but I'm not too keen on getting my little feets wet, so I might not do it again unless it happens by accident when I am out later on tonight.

I think the rain has stopped and the wind is getting a bit quieter so I shall be happier when I get out to play before bedtime. I hope!!

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