Monday, 28 March 2016

A holiday day

My DH didn't go to the Cat shop today 'cos it was closed for Easter, so he was at home to play with me. I did mention to the old dear that she might play as well, but she decided she needed to do some housework first, so I just played with my DH.

He had lots of things to do outside, so that made me very happy and I did lots of running and sniffing while he was working but every now and then I would nip into my house to see how my MH was getting on and she liked that. I am a very caring puss, you know. :-))

I was just minding my own business and trying to decapitate a wee daisy on my lawn, when I got a big surprise. My MH had decided to wash all the outsides of our windows, so she was outside with us as well and I just followed her all round my house while she cleaned all the windows and that was good fun. There was only one little cloud on the horizon---literally!--- and as soon as the old dear had finished sparkling our windows, the little cloud burst and it rained--all over her nice clean windows! Oh dear, she wasn't at all happy, but after one of my special purrs, she was fine again.

Me and her played together for a while and I ran up and down a few poles which helps me to keep fit, but by the time I was finished, I needed a seat so I went inside and plonked my adorable little bum on my MH's knee and we sat there till it was time for her to make the dinners.

The rain has gone off again, so I will probably head outside once I have had a rest. A wee question. Where do all my little birdie friends go at night time? I see them when I am out through the day, but I can't find them at night time. Do they have little beds to go to and maybe a mummy bird to snuggle up to like I snuggle up with my MH.

I must ask Mr. Google and see if he can answer my question and of course, I will tell you. Unless you tell me first. Hee hee

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