Saturday, 26 March 2016

And So....

.... we come to another weekend and I got a bit of a surprise this morning when the postie man brought me a great big box filled with all my favourite dinners and treats. Oh yum yum! When my MH wasn't looking, I had a quick sniff and count at all the dinners, and I think I won't be hungry for a very long time. Thank you MH.

It was quite windy through the night, so I just cosied in beside my MH and we were both very comfortable and the naughty wind didn't bother us at all, but when we got up, it had blowed away someplace else and my humans were able to leave the window open for me so I nipped in and out lots of times 'cos I was feeling very fit after my day of rest yesterday.

I even went to the gym with the old dear 'cos I know she likes it more if I am with her and I don't like her to be lonely. She did her exercises on her bike and I sniffed all over my garden, but by the time we were both finished, the rain was coming down, so it was time for puss cat and humans to settle down in my living room.

And that is still what we are doing and we are all enjoying it. I hope you are enjoying whatever you are doing and me and my humans hope you have a lovely Easter.

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