Friday, 18 March 2016


Don't worry, it was a nearly cat-astrophe, but I am purrfectly fine. I shall explain. Do you remember that I told you that if the weather was going to be good today, then my MH would go out and trim some of the bushes in my garden and of course, I was needed to help? Well, the weather WAS good so off we went this afternoon with my MH clutching her little secateurs to do all the cutting and I went with her to oversee the entire operation.

I ran all over my garden while the old dear got to work and she was happily snipping away when the dreadful deed nearly happened. Well, just as she got hold of a big clump and was poised to cut, yours truly made a great big spring and landed right on the bit she was about to cut!! Oh my word. I was this close to being secateured for ever! I was so relieved that my MH's glasses work so well, 'cos she saw me and stopped right away and so I am still in one piece. Thankfully!

It didn't stop me though and I spent all the time we were in the garden just doing the same thing and then my DH came out to cut our pampas grass and I did the same thing with him, but my MH had warned him so he kept watching me and so we are all back in my living room safe and sound and all in one piece.

I have had a brilliant day and I am hoping we can do something the same tomorrow. Oh yes, I just LOVE all this gardening.


  1. So glad everything turned out alright. I have my laptop back so it is much easier to see your adventures. Stay safe.

  2. Thank you, Bonnie. I will try hard to keep out of trouble. I am so happy that your computer is all better now and that you can see me clearly.