Wednesday, 16 March 2016

More Fun

....... for this adorable little puss. I am loving wakening up and not hearing the wind or the rain and then being able to get out to play as soon as I have had my breakfast, and today was one of these days. My DH went away to the Cat Shop, my MH had a wee read at her paper and I wandered round my garden listening to the little birdies.

I asked my MH to take a picture of some of the little birdies who have been coming to my bird feeder so here it is. I like these wee birdies but the starlings are still my favourite with all their lovely colours. Sometimes I wish I had lots of bright colours but I am just black and white---and beautiful!

My MH had to go out for a while this afternoon, but she left the window open for me so I was perfectly happy nipping in and out of my window just waiting for her to come home again and then one of the little childrens came for guitar lesson, so guess what I did? Yep, I nipped out of the window again and found a nice quite bit in my garden until she went away home again.

Sensible as well as adorable!

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