Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Much Better

I have had a much better day today and I think you will all know why. It is because both my humans have been at home with me and I have been the centre of their universe, which is just as it should be.

We all got up at our normal time and I took up my usual position on my MH's knee while she had her breakfast and then I had her last wee drop of milk and all the time she was talking to me and I was very happy. There was just one wee cloud on my otherwise sparkling horizon and that was that it was housework day 'cos she didn't get my house all cleaned yesterday, but even that didn't upset me too much and every now and then the old dear would come and find me to tell me she loved me, so I was fine.

It was still a cold day, so I had a couple of very quick trips outside but I was very happy to get inside again and settle down on my couch, but at one point when my MH was coming out of the bathroom, I was waiting for her and I scooted into my bedroom quicker than the speed of sound and that was me telling her that I needed to play NOW! Fortunately, she picked up the signal and and followed me in and we played for ages. She rolled me up in my blanket and tickled me and I loved it, but the best bit was still to come 'cos when we went back into my living room, she knelt down on the floor and we played some more for another long time and it was just magic.

I love playing with my humans and I know they love playing with me so life Chez Squeak is just the bestest fun ever, but I hope that you have lots of fun too wherever you are.

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