Sunday, 13 March 2016


What a brilliant day I have had. Absolutely fantastic! One of the very bestest days I have had for a long, long time and it has made me a very happy little puss. When I wakened up this morning, I had a wee listen and as I didn't hear any wind or rain, I went up on my window sill and looked out to see that it was a lovely day. Spring had landed on my little island and I for one wanted to enjoy it, so I gently nudged my MH and asked her to please waken up and feed me so that I could get out to play.

Well, after quite a few nudges and a jab with one of my adorable little claws, she finally got the message and very soon I was out in my garden having a lovely time. For a wee while I just sat and watched and listened. I could see the sheeps and I could hear the birdies all whistling, chirping and singing and I liked that sound lots so I listened for a long time.

I wandered down to the big shed beside my house and had a sniff all round and I wandered through the fields just watching, sniffing and listening. I was outside for a long time and by the time I decided to go home I was a bit tired so I had a snooze while my MH decided to go out for a walk. I wasn't best pleased that she went without me, but she was frightened that the doggies might be where she was going, so maybe I was safer in my little bed. But what a surprise I got when she came home!

My humans noticed this little flower growing in the middle of my grass and as the old dear was going out to take a photograph of it for you, she asked me if I wanted to go out with her. WHOOSH! I was at the door itching to get outside again and I had brilliant fun as you can see from the other pictures.

We were out for a long time and I had my first pole dance of the season. I ran and ran and at one point I had a ginormous jump miles up into the air to catch some flies and that made my MH laugh. Oh, it was great fun and the weather is still good, so after I have had my after-dinner nap, I shall be going outside again and I think this might be my first very late night of this year.

Sorry, humans, but it has to be done!

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