Friday, 8 April 2016

A Wee Walk

I have been promising to take you for a wee walk round my beloved little island for a while now, so here it is. It was such a lovely day today that my MH tooked her camera out for a while to take some pictures for you. I didn't get to go with her 'cos she is frightened that I get lost! Now I ask you! How could I get lost on a little island which is one mile wide and one and a half miles long and where everybody knows me---and loves me!? However, I didn't argue 'cos I was quite happy playing on my grass. So here is part one of Squeak's conducted tour.

She started off at the pier just before the boat with all our messages arrived, and this is the view from there across to Stromness. It isn't very far and it only takes the boat about fifteen minutes, so it is a good journey.

The next picture is of the pier itself and there are lots of bags of things that have to be shifted away to all the farms. Sometimes you can see little guillemots swimming there but they dive deep when they hear the boat coming. There are also tiny little fishes there and sometimes the little childrens go fishing to try and catch some fishes.

This is our little waiting room where everybody sits until the boat arrives. I have been in there a few times and one time when the V-E-T came to stick a ginormous needle into me, my humans tooked me there so that she could examine me and make sure I was absolutely purr-fect!

There are lots of birdies all over my island and these are the fulmars who nest on the rocks, but we have never to go near them 'cos they spit a horrible stuff on anybody who gets too near and the awful smell never goes away, so this is definitely one place I will NOT be going. Hee hee.

This last picture is the boat coming this afternoon bring all our boxes. It brings everything to my little island--- people, food, all kinds of parcels, cars, fridges, televisions, oh and cat food! Oh dear, I nearly forgot the most important thing, but you get the idea. It brings us everything we need and it takes us to Hoy or to Stromness if we want to go.

So, that's the first part of my little trip and although we haven't gone too far, it will let you see a wee bit of my island and there will be more later. I hope you like it.

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