Sunday, 10 April 2016

And the last bit

It hasn't been a very good day for taking pictures, but my MH wanted you to finish the walk around my little island, so off she went in her little kangaroo and tooked these pictures for you.

This one is taken from Sandside beach and the house you can almost see right up on the top of the hill is mine. Sandside looks over to the north of our island and looks towards Stromness.

This building is the school but it isn't used for anything now since it closed in 1996 when the island got a new boat which came every day rather that just three days a week. My MH was the teacher there and she only had one pupil so it was decided that he could go to Stromness and my MH could retire, but she gets a bit sad when she sees her wee school looking like that.

The house you can almost see to the left of the school is the Schoolhouse and that is where my humans lived when they came here at first, but that was long before they got me, but one of the guitar childrens lives there now. The school at the house are at the opposite side of the island to my house and look over to the island of Hoy which is what this picture is, and that is looking towards the South.

When you continue round the road you come to the house where A. my friend---and baby sitter!---lives when he is not at university and then if you go right on round, you pass my friend M.'s house and then the next picture is my house and the farm belonging to my friend the nice farmer man who puts his sheeps in the fields for me to play with.

So, that's my little island. My MH says she will show you pictures of it when the sun is shining and tomorrow she will put on more important pictures for you. ME!! I hope you have enjoyed out little walk.

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