Monday, 25 April 2016


.... I thought yesterday was bad, I definitely wasn't ready for today. The wind shouted at us all night and when we got up this morning it was even worse and there was snow on my path. All I wanted to do was curl up again and go back to sleep, but I decided that could wait till later and I did what I normally do of a morning and that was to sit on my MH's knee till I got my little drop of milk and then I gathered up every single bit of intrepidness that I could find, and I went out the window and into winter! My DH opened the window for me and had to hang on to it so that it didn't blow away, but he is strong and it didn't.

I didn't stay out too long but by the time I did get back inside, I was frozen. Not quite frozen stiff, but very cold and I had to have a very long cuddle before I was warmed up again. It was then that I made a big decision and went back to bed and apart from getting up every now and then for a wee feed, that's where I have been all day.

I got a bit of a fright at lunch time when I wakened up to hear people shouting in my house but when I went to investigate I found out it was my MH listening to the television and because the hail was battering off our windows and on our roof, she had to turn it up louder that I have ever heard it before. Thankfully, the shower didn't last too long and she turned it down again so that I could get back to sleep.

When my DH came home tonight, he told us that he nearly didn't go to the Cat Shop 'cos when he got to the pier and saw the boat coming in, there was a great big snow shower and the wind was making the little boat bounce up and down, but he tooked some of my intrepidness and managed to get on. There is a new boat coming to my island for the next few weeks 'cos our normal one is away to get a wee examination and nobody likes this one.

My humans have to go away to Stromness tomorrow to meet one of their friends, but my MH says if it is still windy she might not go 'cos she finds it quite hard to get on and off this one especially if the wind is making it a bit bouncy, so we'll see what happens.

I shall tell you tomorrow.

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