Wednesday, 20 April 2016

More Good Fun

I have had a purr-fect day. A day when I have been able to play outside as much as I want and then, when I was a bit tired, I could go inside for a rest or a seat on my MH's knee, so what more could a pussy cat want?

Me and the old dear had our usual chat while my DH was getting ready to go to the Cat Shop and I was patiently waiting for my little drop of milk and she told me we were having an easy day 'cos she didn't feel like doing very much at all and the sun was shining. A good enough reason, I think.

I nipped out to my seat where I was yesterday and waited for the goose birdies to come back, but they just flied past my garden and went some place else, so it was a bit lonely, but I was still happy. My MH was doing some baking so I could hear her in my kitchen and that made me feel pleased.

I spent the afternoon just nipping in and out and enjoying the sunshine and listening to the birdies, but after my dinner, I settled down on my chair and that's where I will be spending the most of my evening until it is time to go outside again.

I have been making my humans laugh with all my little habits and my latest one is that as soon as my MH heads for her shower, I head for the door to go out to play and that makes my DH shake his head.

It happens every time and when he tells my MH, she just smiles and says 'Some puss'! And that is DEFINITELY me!

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