Sunday, 17 April 2016

Sleepy Sunday

I have decided that Sunday will be my day of rest and I have started practicing today. This might have something to do with the fact that it is very cold on my little island and it has been a wee bit too windy for me, so I decided I would just spend the day sleeping.

However, this does not mean that I haven't moved. Oh no, I have moved from room to room and bed to bed just so that I can have a little bit of exercise! I must look after my adorable little self, mustn't I?

Me and my humans watched the football this morning and I'm afraid my DH wasn't a happy chappie when they had finished their game 'cos his team lost. Oh dear. After that, my MH went away out 'cos she had to go to see my pussy cat friend and then she had another job to do outside and I'm afraid that when she was out, the rain came on and the wind blew a wee bit hard so by the time she came home again to me, she was wet and cold. Shame.

But you all know what happened then, don't you? Yep. I cuddled her all warm again like she does for me when I have been wet and cold, and she liked it lots. Then we watched Raffa winning his tennis match and he smiled right at me and I got so excited and came over all unnecessary that I nearly falled off my MH's knee, but she catched me in mid-swoon. Sigh. Oh, he is lovely.

So, this sleepy Sunday has worked for me and I think I will be doing that until the weather gets a bit warmer and then I shall have a re-think, but till then I am off to bed again.

Night, night!

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