Wednesday, 6 April 2016

So Much Better

I have had a crackin' day. There has been lots to do and I have had oodles of attention from my MH 'cos the old boy has been away to the Cat Shop. Our day started off as usual with me sitting on my MH's knee until it was time for my little drop of milk and then I hit the great outdoors to see what was happening on my little island.

The weather was fine and even though the grass is still a wee bit wet, it was fine for me to play on and I ran and ran for a long time till I was a bit tired then I nipped in through the window, found myself a nice cosy knee and had a snooze for a while. Oh bliss!

In the afternoon, my MH asked if I wanted to go into the gym and off we went. I sat and watched her for a wee while, but then I went outside again and just lay on my path watching the birdies until she was finished, and then I asked her to play and we had brilliant fun.

She found a bit off the pampas grass and threw it for me and it was so high that I had to jump up and I am sure I was nearly as high as my house. That is maybe just a wee exaggeration, but I was very, very high. I nearly bumped into a starling who was flying over to my bird feeder.I have just got a funny picture in my head! Can you imagine the look on that little birdie's face if I HAD bumped into him? Oh, I am giggling! :-))

My MH tooked some pictures for you and if you think I am sleeping in one of them, then you are wrong. I am getting ready to pounce, and my little eyes are closed as I go over my routine in my head. Crouch---tick. Lugs pinned back----tick. Wriggle adorable little bum---tick. Spring and kill!

I did this lots of times as the old dear kept throwing the grass for me and it was just the bestest fun in the en-tire world, and I was so, so happy. I am a very lucky puss, am I not?

I have had a great day and I hope you have had a very good time too.

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