Saturday, 9 April 2016

Squeak's Walk Part 2

I will show you another wee bit of my little island so that you will see why me and my humans just love being here.

When you come up from the pier, the first houses that you meet are the houses beside the lighthouse and Sandside which belongs to my friend S. We have two lighthouses--a tall one which is called Hoy High and a little one which is called Hoy Low. Now, why are they called that when they are on Graemsay? Well, it is because they used to guide the ships through Hoy Sound which is at one side of the island. See? The first picture is a view of Stromness from the back of Sandside and it looks really close, sure it does?

Right next to Sandside is the tall lighthouse and there are two families who live in what used to be the light keepers houses and some of the little childrens who come to my house for guitar lessons live there. And there is a doggy too, so I don't go there

The next three pictures are of some animals and birdies. The hens belong to my friend S. and they always come to say hello to my MH when she goes down there. There are some new borned baby lambs in one of the fields and they are just lovely. I am looking forward to seeing them when the nice farmer man next door puts his mummy sheeps in the field beside my house. I love watching them and sometimes I can play with them if the mummy sheeps don't mind. And the next picture is of some oyster catchers down on the beach. They are lovely birdies, but oh, what a noise they make. It gives me a headache when they start talking to one another. They are REALLY noisy!

And my last picture for you today is a view of Sandside and Hoy High taken from Sandside beach and sometimes there are lots of seals lying there and they have little baby seals two times a year so maybe I will be able to show you a picture of them sometime.

So those are some of the views as you come from the pier to come up to my house and my MH says that when the weather is better, she will take some more pictures and show you her wee school and where my humans used to live when she was the teacher.

I wasn't borned then so I will be interested too.


  1. Oh thank your MH for taking these lovely pictures. I love all things Orkney. Love you too, Squeak.

  2. Thank you Bonnie. I love my little island and I think you would love it too. It is a very special place and me and my humans think we are very lucky to be living here.