Monday, 30 May 2016

And Another Week Begins

I think it will be a good week though 'cos when I went out into the fields last night there were lots of little lambs all ready to play with me and because they are a bit older now, the mummy sheeps don't mind if I go into the field beside them, so it is just a wee hop through the fence and I have lots of company.

It was a normal day for my humans with my DH sailing away to the Cat Shop and my MH playing with her dusters and the vacuum cleaner, so I was happy to be able to get outside. The weather wasn't great but it wasn't as warm as I like it. However, while my MH was working in our kitchen, she left the door open and I could lie on my path and watch her.

Our house only has one door and the leads into a wee porch which then opens up into my kitchen so you will understand how I can lie on my path and watch her. I like that 'cos she sometimes talks to me while she is working.

We both had a wander round my garden today and I ran and sniffed and climbed a few poles while the old dear watched me and she liked it 'cos I heard her telling my DH all about it when he came home and he smiled too.

I have been having lots of rests in my wee hoose and that makes my humans smile too 'cos they never know where I am going to have my many little sleeps. We have three bedrooms in my house so I just wander from room to room deciding which one I will rest in, but of course I don't tell anyone and they have to come looking for me.

But I am never too far away and they always can find me---eventually!

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