Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Another Super Day

It has been a lovely day on my little island. The sun has been shining and it has been lovely and warm, so I have spent most of the time just lying on my path watching the little baby sheeps and helping my DH with all his work outside.When we were out, we saw Mr. Pheasant in the field and I thought you might like to see him, so here he is.

The old boy decided---well, my MH helped him decide--- to put out all our little garden ornaments and that kept him busy for most of the afternoon which meant I had lots of company whenever I wanted it, so I have had a very good day indeed.I even went into the gym with my MH, but just for a little while as it was so lovely outside and I needed another roll on my grass.

My little sheep friends are getting bigger and it was brilliant fun watching them running about together. In fact, I was a wee bit jealous and would have liked to be running about with them, but I decided just to watch 'cos I don't want to frighten them.

I am having my after dinner rest now, but I know I shall be going out later on and I am hoping that my MH might come out with me like she did last night. We both went out to watch the sunset and I asked her to play with me which she did, so we were out a long time and it was brilliant.

I sat with her until she put out her light and then I was off outside again but this time on my own and I stayed out for a long time until I was a wee bit tired, but I had good fun and I have had even gooder fun today.

I wonder what tomorrow will be like. Oh, I can hardly wait!

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