Monday, 16 May 2016

Just Thinking

I am becoming a very lazy little puss. Mind you, the weather isn't exactly making me want to do anything else but be lazy.

I had a long sit on my window sill this morning trying to work out what I was going to do with my day and all the time the wind was blowing outside and the rain was dripping onto my window, so I decided that I would just go back to bed and see if it changed later on. So off I went. I did say a bye bye purr to my DH as he skipped off to the Cat Shop and then I got a big surprise. Breakfast in bed! Well, not exactly a full breakfast as I had already eaten, but my MH came in to see that I was OK and she gave me my wee drop of milk and then I curled up and went to sleep while she hoovered and dusted.

A while later, I heard her calling for me and as the rain had gone off, we went into the gym and while she peddled on her bike, I played in my garden and did my stretches and jumps in order to keep this adorable little body as fit as possible and then me and the old dear sat on my couch for a while.

I got another surprise later on when my friend S. came to see me.I gave her a special purr but I am afraid I was a wee bit rude 'cos I was hungry so I rather loudly asked my MH to feed me and she did. But my friend understands 'cos she loves me.

I am not a very vocal cat. I purr a lot. I purr an AWFUL lot and I make wee squeaking noises, but I don't meow much so it was quite a surprise to the old dear when I spoke to her, but she liked it 'cos she loves me MILLIONS!

I am a very lucky puss, sure I am?

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