Monday, 23 May 2016

Magic Monday

The sun is still shining and the rain is still not falling. Well, at least not on my little island although my DH heard from somebody in the Cat Shop that while it was sunny on Graemsay it was pouring with rain in Kirkwall, so I guess we were just lucky today.

I was a rather naughty little puss last night 'cos I wakened the old dear up a couple of times when she should have been sleeping and finally she put me in the kitchen and closed the door so that I couldn't get back into the bedroom and disturb her again. BUT, she was still a bit sleepy and didn't close it properly, so once I heard her snoring, I opened said door with my adorable little paw and snuck back in, jumped onto the bed and snuggled up beside her without her even noticing! And when she wakened up and saw me, can you guess what she did? Yep, she just smiled!

We have had a very good day and I played in my garden while my MH hanged out her washing. I had such good fun running and jumping and sniffing all the lovely grass that is growing. I spent most of the day outside and I think I will be staying out late tonight if the weather stays like this.

I just love these long, light nights when I can find a cosy place in the grass to have a rest and listen to the little birdies until it is time to go to bed and go to sleep, so I can't wait to get outside again.

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