Friday, 6 May 2016

Much Better

I like Fridays. In fact, when I think about it, I like most days, but Fridays are particularly good and today the weather was even to my liking, so it all started out very well and continued like that.

My first trip was to see if there were any more little baby sheeps in my fields and I got a great big surprise 'cos right outside my fence where I do my pole dancing, a mummy sheep was having two little babies and I saw the whole thing AND this time, I didn't feel funny watching it and I didn't need my MH to pick me up. These are the wee babies and they are having a snooze. I think they must have been tired having been borned, but they will soon be up and running and maybe I will be able to play with them. I hope so.

The postman arrived at my house with a great big box and it was all for me 'cos my MH had ordered some of my favourite dinners so I don't think I will be hungry for a very long time.

I played outside lots of times and some of the times my MH was out with me and sometimes my DH came out so I had plenty of company and when my MH was out, we saw my two oyster catcher friends but they were too far away for me to have a chat with them, so I decided to do my exercises on the grass and of course I had to start with my stretches, but I think I look very fetching, don't you?

When I went back inside, my DH had just arrived back with all our messages and there were lots and lots of boxes for me to play in as you can see.

Oh yes, I do like Fridays.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful day Squeak. I love your little sheeps. My daughter has a farm and she has had 60 baby sheeps. They are so cute, but not as cute as you, especially when you do your stretches.

  2. O, I am blushing again,Bonnie! You always make me do that, but thank you.I think I am cute, but it is nice to be told that somebody else thinks that too. I have had another brilliant day and there are more baby sheeps popping out all over the fields. Some are white and some are black but some are a mixture and they are all so beautiful. I love them lots. I have done two stretches today just for you :-))