Sunday, 1 May 2016

Not Just So Good

I wakened up through the night and when my little lugs wakened up too, I heard the rain battering off my bedroom window, so I just snuggled up beside my MH and had another snooze until it was time for us all to get up.

I got a wee surprise then 'cos the rain had gone off and it was quite nice outside and that cheered me up. I gobbled up my breakfast, drank my wee drop of milk and I was off--out of the window and into the outside to see what was happening. There are lots more baby lambs in the field and when I was across watching them, the nice farmer lady came to see them and she gave me a wee pat on my head and told me I was a good puss. Naturally!

My humans both had a lazy day and were always ready to play with me or just let me sit on their knee whenever I wanted too and at one point, my MH came outside with me to see the little lambs and she liked them as well.

There wasn't any more rain but my little weather man friend told me it is going to be wet tomorrow so I think I will stay out as long as possible tonight as it looks as though I shall be stuck indoors tomorrow. Sigh!

However, I am sure that if I ask her very nicely, my MH will play with me and help me use up all my energy. She told me she likes today's picture 'cos I look a very determined little puss in it and I think you might agree with her.

I think I was marching across the grass to make sure the lawn mower was nowhere to be seen! And it wasn't.:-))

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