Wednesday, 25 May 2016


My day started off nice and quiet as usual. Breakfast as soon as we got up, then a trip outside to see what was happening. It was fine but a bit cool, so I was back in just in time for my wee drop of milk from my MH's cereal bowl and then we all had a chat before my DH went away to the Cat Shop.

My MH didn't have much work to do so I asked her to play with me and she did. I was on the top of my bed and she wrapped me up in my blanket and we played the tickle game and then hide and Squeak which is my favourite. We had to stop when the phone rang but all the time she was talking, she was stroking me under my blanket, and I just falled asleep again and stayed there for a long, long time.

When I finally did waken and went to find the old dear, she was watching Andy on my television, so I decided to join her and for a long time I wished I hadn't. Oh dear. What a match. Up and down and down then up and up again until Andy finally won but by this time my MH nearly had no voice from shouting at my television and I was watching from behind the cushions until it was finally Andy's game. Brilliant!

Then, when I was resting and trying to calm down after all that excitement, the little childrens came in for their guitar lesson, so I decided that the quietest place was in my garden and I was off out the window for a while.

I'm afraid I gave one of them a fright 'cos when I plopped back in the window, I sort of landed on J.'s knee and that made him jump but once he saw it was me, he decided he would rather play with me that his guitar and the Boss was not best pleased, so I let him go. Eventually! Hee hee

I am resting now as my house is lovely and quiet again and me and my humans are very happy that Andy won, but I don't know if we are strong enough to watch his next match!

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