Sunday, 15 May 2016


.... off they went to the party last night and I was left all alone and as I told you yesterday, it was too windy to leave the window open for me, so I had no other option but to have a sleep. I could have watched the Eurovision song contest, but I didn't know how to switch on my television. I shall have to watch carefully in future.

As soon as they came home---and they weren't too late, I must say---I was off out into the night and I'm afraid I got a wee shock 'cos the nice farmer lady next door had moved all her sheeps and lambs and there was nobody for me to play with. Shame.

I had a wee wander to see if I could find them, but it was a tad on the cold side, so I just went home and because I was so disappointed, my MH gave me a special cuddle and then we went to bed. Earlier in the evening she had taken a picture of the clouds and she thought you might like to see what we saw.

We have all had a very quiet day today although my MH was a bit busy helping our friend S. clean up the Hall after the party and then she went with my friend M. to the graveyard, so as soon as she came in, I sat on her knee so that she wouldn't leave me again. Clever or what?

So, there is no news except to tell you that I am happy and that I have had a good day and I hope you are happy too.

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