Saturday, 21 May 2016

Something New

I thought I had seen everything and I thought I knew it all. I am six years and five months old now, so I was pretty sure nothing could surprise me, but oh my dear friends I was wrong. Shall I explain? Of course, I shall.

The morning started as usual with us not getting up too early and my MH promising me that all her time would be for me because it was pouring with rain and she knew there was no chance of the mower coming out to play with her, and I for one was very happy with that. My MH on the other paw, was not so happy, but a wee purr and a special look form yours truly can change all that in the wink of an eye. And it did.

So we had a seat and a blether and she tickled my lugs and then two of our friends came in. One was M. who stays near me and the other was a friend of hers who lives very far away but had come to my little island to see her friends and me of course. And this lady is a hairdresser and had come to cut my MH's hair.

Now. I have seen the old dear going on the boat with long hair and coming back with it shorter, but to be honest I had never given it any thought, but today I had a front seat view while it was all taking place in my kitchen and I just watched as all the little bits of hair fell to the floor and I think I must have had a funny look in my adorable little face 'cos all the humans laughed at one point when lots of hair fell down. It was quite an experience but I made sure that the lady with the scissors did not come anywhere near me! I love my little coat just as it is, thank you very much!

That was the only exciting thing to happen today although I managed out a couple of times without getting too wet. The rain has gone off and it is quite a good evening so I shall probably head out quite soon, but I thought you might like to see a picture of this lovely ship which sailed past my window last night.

We all think it is lovely and I hope you like it too.

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