Saturday, 7 May 2016

They're Back!

The pesky swallows have arrived on my little island! Sigh. You know I love the summer especially when the weather is good and I can play and stay out as long as I want to. I love all the little baby sheeps and the little cows that keep popping out and most of the birdies are my friends 'cos I make sure my humans feed them and I don't disturb them when they are having their dinner, but the pesky swallows I do not like 'cos they keep dive bombing me, even when I am just lying on my path minding my own business. Oh dear.

Me and my MH were outside talking to the nice farmer lady who was looking after her sheep and it was then that we saw two swallows on the roof of the big shed that I like to explore. Mind you, it is also the shed that I got locked in last year, so I might not go back there again. However, there were only two swallows so they didn't come too close. I hope they tell all their friends when they arrive that I am a friendly puss and I would rather not be dive bombed, thank you very much.

Apart from that, I have had a very good day. Both my humans have been outside lots so I have had plenty of company and I was able to nip through my fence to see the new baby lambs without the mummy sheep being angry with me. I played on the grass and my MH tooked this picture for you to show you how determined I looked. She says to look closely at the adorable little lugs!

My MH was doing some washing so she asked me to help her hang them all out and I ran up and down the clothes poles to make sure they were safe enough for her and she giggled. She always laughs when I do that and I do it lots of times.

It is resting time for me now, but I shall be going outside later on and I have been staying out later and later these nights which I just love. It is so beautiful and quiet during the night and the swallows are in their little beds too, so I get peace just to roam around my fields and it is then that I am at my happiest.

Except for when I am cuddled up to my MH of course! Phew, I was nearly in trouble then! :-)))

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