Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Today's Picture...

...more or less sums up how I have been today. Sleepy! Mind you, the weather has been rotten again with lots of rain, so I was actually quite happy inside. We didn't even go to the gym 'cos my MH didn't feel like it and she had lots of wee bits of work to do, so she stayed with me and that made it even better.

My DH was at home as well, but he was in and out our greenhouse a lot and I decided just to let him get on with it and I shall have a look at what he has done later.He did get a big bag of compost from the boat so I guess he will be working hard again and there will be lots for me to help him with.

So, maybe it is just as well that I am getting all this rest just now as I will probably be a very busy little puss shortly.

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