Sunday, 26 June 2016

Bye Bye

I have had another very good day, but I am a little bit sad 'cos this is the last time I will be able to tell you my stories until my humans come back again. They don't go away until Tuesday morning, but my MH says she will be busy tomorrow and will need to put her camera in the case so she won't write to you. I hope you won't miss me too much, but I will have lots and lots to tell you later on, so I hope you are not too sad.

We all had a super duper morning. It was warm and sunny so we were all outside doing lots of exciting things. The old dear was cutting the grass and I watched her from my path and the old boy was varnishing our benches, so I sat beside him for a long time and watched him too. When my grass was all ready, I had a roll on it and it felt lovely. My MH has put some pictures of the sunsets and the views from my garden as well as one of my very good self which she hopes will keep you going for a couple of weeks.

I was playing with my MH for a wee while and then when she turned away I nipped through the fence and she couldn't find me 'cos I was hiding in the long grass which covered me all up. Then I played a trick on her 'cos I crept up towards where she was standing but she still couldn't see me moving until I popped up my adorable little head and that made her laugh.

My friend M. came to see me and to get all the instructions for looking after me when A. goes away to his graduation. I Just wish I could write 'cos I would add on a few things to the list! Hee hee. I think my MH has asked half the island to look after me but I have told her I shall be fine and I will be a very good puss, but she still doesn't want to leave me, and I can't say I blame her!

So, I hope you will be fine and I will look forward to telling you all about my adventures when my humans come back to me.

I think my MH had just told me a very funny story here.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Happy Me

... I am having the bestest time of my life 'cos the weather on my little island is still beautiful and I have hardly been in my house the whole day. I just nip in to have a wee feed or to make sure my MH isn't missing me too much. I let her give me a wee cuddle and then I disappear into the outside again. Brilliant.

There was a tiny wee drop of rain this morning but that soon went away and the sun came out and warmed up the grass for me to lie on. I did hear the old dear say that if it stayed dry she would cut the grass tomorrow before she goes away 'cos it will be very long when she comes home. Maybe my friend A. will be able to cut it before he has to go away too. He can stay with me for some nights and that has made the old dear feel a bit better 'cos she doesn't want to leave me at all. But I shall be fine. Especially if my little weather man friend keeps sending me weather like this!

I got some good news today 'cos my friend B. told me that she knows two brand new baby kittens who are going to be in my paw pal club and I was very happy to hear that.Just think of all the things I can teach them 'cos I am six and a half now and that is very grown up and although I still like to play and do kitten things with my humans, I am very wise and can teach these little puss cats lots and lots of things. Super!

I think I will be able to write to you tomorrow but that will be the last message for a while until my humans come home to me again. I shall ask the old dear to put on a 'specially good picture of moi for you to keep in your head for a couple of weeks.

I do hope you won't miss me too much and I hope you have a lovely time until I come back to you.

Friday, 24 June 2016

More Good Weather

I think this is a very good summer and it is making me a very happy little puss. You know how much I love being outside in the good weather and I have been able to do that all day.

My DH had to go to Stromness this afternoon to get his hair cut for his holidays, so it was just me and my MH and we had lots of fun, but the very best bit was when she told me that my friend A. would be able to look after me for a while when they abandon me, so it won't be too bad after all. I do miss them but I know I will have good fun with A. and with whoever else is looking after me.

I was in and out lots of times last night 'cos my DH left the window open which was great for me. I had a long play and then a wee sleep beside my MH before I nipped out again and I did that the WHOLE night and I loved it.

I have been doing the same all day. Just sitting on the grass or rolling on my path and then running to meet my MH whenever she came out to see what I was doing, so I have had a very good day indeed and my little weather man friend said that we are going to have more weather like this so that made me very happy too.

I hope you are having good weather wherever you are.

Thursday, 23 June 2016

A Beautiful Day

It has been warm and sunny on my little island all day and I have been outside nearly all the time and loving every single second of it.

As soon as I had finished my breakfast, I was off out of the window and into the nice warm sunshine and I spent my morning just wandering from the heat to the shade and back to the heat again. Brilliant!

My DH was doing lots of work in our greenhouse and getting it all ready before he goes away his holiday. I am pleased to tell you that he is feeling a lot better now so my MH won't have to go on her own! Hee hee I went in a few times to see how he was getting on and he showed me some baby green tomatoes which are starting to grow on the plants and I gave them a little purr. My friend M. will help me to look after them till my humans come back to me again.

I got what might be some good news tonight 'cos my friend A. might be able to stay with me for a few nights before he has to go away and that would make me very happy. It is not definite yet, but me and my MH have everything crossed.

My MH was doing some housework this morning, but in the afternoon she did some weeding and I helped her pull out all the naughty little weeds and my garden is looking good now. I think there will be lots of weeds for her to pull out when she comes home again. Oh dear. But yours truly will be on paw to help her. 'On Paw'---get it?

It is a beautiful night so after I have had a snooze in my wee hoose, I shall be going outside again and since the weather is good, my humans will be able to leave the window open so I can stay out as late as I want.

And I think I might be very late!

Wednesday, 22 June 2016


I have had a very good day. Lots of peace and quiet up until just before teatime when the little childrens arrived and then my house was noisy. A LOT noisy and normally it is nice and quiet, but not when the childrens come!

The weather has been good sometimes and bad sometimes too and one time I was outside when it was pouring with rain and my MH was very surprised when I finally went home 'cos I was dry! And she doesn't know where I was. Shame.

I spent most of my day just nipping in and out and when I nipped in, I had a rest in my wee hoose and that's where I was when the little childrens arrived with their guitars. They asked my MH where I was and she didn't tell them but the little boy found me and cuddled me which I rather liked. He told my MH that he loved me and could he please have me! Of course, she said no, but he said he would give her a bar of chocolate and I am sure I saw her swithering for a second, but she still said no! He is lovely but I am going nowhere so if my MH wants chocolate she will need to buy it! I think they were kidding.

When they were all playing their guitars, we all got a surprise when my friend A. came in to see me and to listen to the childrens and he told them they were doing well. He told me he was sorry he couldn't look after me and I told him it was OK because all these little childrens had told me that they would come and see me so I don't think I shall be too lonely.

I just hope they don't play their guitars when they are here!

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Just Another Day...

.... but a good day just the same. The weather wasn't too bad although there was a wee drop of rain which really annoyed my MH 'cos she had put out the washing and after a while she heard the rain and her and my DH had to run into the garden to bring it all in and they were a wee bit wet. And me? Well, I was outside too but I managed to shelter under a bit of old machinery and I didn't get wet at all. I stayed there till the rain went off and then I scooted home.

I have been outside a lot of today but I was able to help my MH change the beds and we had our usual good fun which ended up with me getting tickled LOTS! And you all know how much I love that.

I don't have very much news, but I am enjoying myself just now. I like the warm weather and I don't even mind the rain when it isn't cold so I am a happy little puss just now. My humans are a bit busy getting everything ready for their holiday, but they still have lots of time for me and today, when I was sitting on my MH's knee, she told me that although she wanted to go on holiday, she didn't want to leave me as she will miss me. And we all know why that is, don't we?

'Cos she loves me MILLIONS!

Monday, 20 June 2016

A Crackin' Day

It was summer on my little island today and I lay outside and nearly got toasted. I had to keep going inside to cool down, but oh my friends, I loved it. The only thing that made me a wee bit not very happy was that my MH had to go to Stromness and it was just me and my DH in my house, but it was fine.

He is starting to feel a bit better, but I was still on nursing duty to make sure he was OK. My MH brought him a cough bottle so that should help him too. We all hope so.

So, you will have gathered that there won't be a lot of news for you as the Boss wasn't here to see what I was up to, but I had lots of fun just lying on the grass getting warmer and warmer and then going in for a drink to cool down again. Brilliant.

Both my humans will be at home with me tomorrow so I am hoping it will be another good day and my MH will come out to play with me. I need her to play lots with me to keep me happy for when they are away on their holidays and I am to be left all alone.

Well, I won't be left all alone as you well know. My friend A. can't look after me this year but my MH has asked an army of people to come in and feed me and play with me and just cuddle me if I need it, so although I will miss my humans, I won't be too lonely.

They go away next Tuesday, so you won't hear from me after that for a while but I am sure I will have lots to tell you when they come back again.

So, this week, I am milking it for all it is worth!

Sunday, 19 June 2016

More Good Times

My poor old DH is still not feeling very well, so he stayed in his bed for a long time this morning and after I had eaten all my breakfast and had a wander round my garden, I nipped in beside him to keep him company and I think that made him feel a little bit better. He got up later and said he was a wee bit more OK so me and my MH were happy.

As the weather was quite good, although a bit windy for my liking,the old dear decided to cut her grass, so off she went. I did go out with her and fully intended to stay out, but when I felt the wind ruffle my little coat,I asked her to open the door and let me in and I watched her from the window. I am a very wise puss, am I not? Yes, is the answer.

She finished it all quite quickly---I think the wind was helping to push the mower, hee hee--- and as soon as she came in, I sat with her on my couch and we watched Andy winning his match although she went through all her finger nails and I finished all my front claws before he did. She told my DH that watching the tennis wasn't good for her nerves, and I totally agree. But we are very happy that he won. Well done, Andy.

I hope you like today's pictures of yours truly. I think I look very fetching in both of them. One is me having a snooze while the other is me having a rest on my MH's legs but I look adorable in both, don't you think?

And once again, yes is the answer :-))

Saturday, 18 June 2016

A Long Sleep

The alarm didn't go off this morning and we were all very happy about that 'cos we don't like getting up early. Sometimes me and my MH are up through the night and after we have a wee chat and a wander round my house, we go back to bed and that's what we did this morning and we all liked that.

It was a fine morning, so as soon as I finished my breakfast, I was off to see what was happening in my territory and my MH watched me through the window and gave me my little drink of milk when she finished her cereal.

My DH is still sneezing a lot but he told me he was feeling better and he did go out a few times, so naturally I had to go with him and make sure he was fine. I did think the lawn mower might be making an appearance, but the old dear was going to the Hall this afternoon to do craft things with her friends, so she didn't have time but I did hear her tell the old boy she might do it tomorrow.

She was watching Andy playing tennis before she went out and saw the end of it when she came home, so I think if she does cut our grass tomorrow, it will need to be before he plays his game. She won't want to miss it.

She decided to clean our porch today and put everything outside as you can see. I thought she was putting the carpet out to make me feel more comfortable so I gave it a wee try, but to be honest I prefer the feel of the path on my adorable little body, so I sat on it for a wee while to please her, but then I wandered off again to do my own thing.

I am now cuddled in beside my MH as she is typing this and my little head is on the keyboard and for some reason my MH is making a lot of tutting noises, so I think she is making some mistakes, but I don't know why. Hee hee

That is a wee fib, 'cos we ALL know why, don't we? :-))

Friday, 17 June 2016

A Quiet Time

We have all had a very quiet day today because for the second day in a row, our alarm went off at half past seven o'clock in this morning and in my house, that is practically unheard of! So why did it happen, I hear you thinking. Well, my DH had to take himself over to Stromness to see the doctor and he needed to get the early boat, but once we said bye bye to him, me and my MH snuggled up again for another little snooze.

He was soon home again and the doctor said he has a chest infection and has to take some pills to make him all better, so he has been resting today. My MH has been busy doing all the work she didn't get done yesterday and I have just been following her around watching her but every now and then I would find my MH and give him a purr too. Well, you don't want him to be left out when he isn't feeling well, do you?

When she was all finished her work, me and my MH settled down on my couch to watch Andy winning his tennis match, but my MH did say a lot of 'Oh Andy's before he did. But he won and that was the main thing.

I think we might all be having an early bed time tonight as my humans are quite tired and it is too cold for me to be out too late, so I won't complain at all.

Oh I am such an understanding and adorable little pussy cat!

Thursday, 16 June 2016


... I waited and I saw. All the alarms in our bedroom went off this morning at half past seven o'clock and that for my humans is quite early, but we all got up 'cos they were going to Kirkwall. My MH had to take her knee into the hospital so that it could have its picture taken. My MH told me it is called an X-Ray but that's what it means. Her knee has been a bit sore and the doctor says she might need a new one to go with her new hip and that's why it had to have its picture done. See?

So, up we all got but my DH was still coughing and sneezing ( and doing a lot of moaning too, between you and me!)so my MH suggested that he should go back to bed and she would go herself. Well. I kid you not my dear friends. The words were not even out of her mouth until he was back in bed and snoring! Oh we did chuckle, me and her. It was funny. But, he phoned the doctor and he has to go to Stromness tomorrow so that the doctor can make him better again 'cos my MH said it would be a shame if she has to go to Greece herself, and to be honest, I don't think he is too sure if she is kidding or not! Oh she is funny sometimes.

Anyway, I had to look after the old boy and we had a very quiet day but when my MH came home again, she told me I had done a very good job, so I was pleased. It has been wet on my little island and it was wet where my MH was too 'cos she was a wee bit ringing when she came home and she was cold, but after a lot of cuddles and purrs from yours truly, she was all warmed up and happy again.

I think we might be in bed early tonight 'cos I know my MH is tired and my DH has to get up at half past seven in tomorrow morning and this time he can't go back to bed, or the Boss will not be pleased. I will let you know how he gets on and what my MH's knee picture was like.

I know you will want to hear that news :-))

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Not So Happy....

.... but not UN-happy, you understand. The weather on my little island wasn't so good today. It was colder and a bit wetter than yesterday, so I was indoors for most of the morning, which did rather annoy this adorable little puss. In fact, this adorable little puss managed to annoy my poor old MH 'cos I kept asking her to open the door for me so that I could go out, but when I saw the weather, I just said no thank you and went back inside. This was OK the first and second time of asking, but then, after a lot of times asking, I could see she was getting just a tad annoyed and I finally decided to step out into the outside.

My dear old DH still has his cold and they are both supposed to be going into Kirkwall tomorrow but I don't know if he will go or if my MH will go all by herself. We shall wait and see.

When I did go out, I managed to find a wee secret spot just for me where I could get lots of shelter and so I stayed out for quite a while and one time when I came back, I made my humans shake their heads at me 'cos I came in the window, asked for a cuddle 'cos I was a bit cold, got my cuddle and had a wee biscuit and then went straight out the door again! I have them flummoxed, but then that's what us cats were put on this earth to do. Is it not, dear feline friends?

I don't have much news for you but I am a very well little puss and am still enjoying myself. I hope you are having a good time too wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016


I got a surprise today at dinner time. I had had a good morning outside in all the lovely heat. I managed to find a lovely cosy clump of grass in one of the fields near my house and I lay there just watching and listening. I think I must have been well hidden 'cos the swallows didn't bother me at all. To be honest, they have been very good to me this summer. Maybe the peskiest one has gone somewhere else for his holidays. I hope so 'cos I don't like being dive bombed ---- in my own garden as well. Just not right, is it?

Anyway, my humans nipped out for a while just before lunchtime 'cos my DH, who still has an awful cold that is making him cough and sneeze and my MH thinks she might need to go her holidays on her own, had to go to the boat and my MH was going down to visit my friend S.'s pussy cat. They left the door open for me so I knew I could get in if I wanted to, but I was happier outside just waiting for them to come back, and it was then that I got my surprise.

My MH had ordered some butcher meat and it came in a box WITH STRING! Yippee. My DH and me played for ages and ages and then when I was tired, I nipped inside the box as you can see.Oh, it was good fun.

Later on, I went into the gym with my MH and I had a play on my path while she was putting on her shoes. I hope you like the picture of me in mid-roll. Not terribly fetching I know, but almost an action shot. Hee hee.

The other picture is of my sheep friends and mr. oyster catcher who makes a dreadful noise if we go near him, but my MH told me he is only protecting his nest and maybe some little baby oyster catchers, so now I understand and I won't disturb him.

I think he is a lovely bird and I am sure he thinks I am a lovely puss. And how right he is!

Monday, 13 June 2016

Naughty Puss

Those are words that you don't hear very often because I am normally a very good puss, but for some reason I decided to see what my living room looks like from the top of my coffee table, and as you can imagine, I am not normally allowed up there. I didn't stay there too long, but I wasn't 'shoo'd' off until there was a picture for you to see.

I have had very good day but my poor old DH has got another cold and he didn't get to the Cat Shop today and I'm afraid my MH didn't help him too much when she brought out the vacuum cleaner. I did tell her she might make his head a wee bit sore, but she said she would do it quietly! I can't win over the vacuum cleaner no matter what I try.

I didn't do very much today but I did have a few wanders round my garden and a trip into the field beside the sheeps and I saw the nice farmer lady when she was in looking after them and she gave me a wee clap on my adorable little head so that made me happy.

The rest of my day was spent in various rooms having a snooze and at one point, when the door was open, I lay on the mat on the bit where the sun was shining and I was as warm as toast and very happy too.

So it has been another very good day for this adorable little puss and I hope you have had a good day too.

Sunday, 12 June 2016

And My Sunday

I like my weekends 'cos they are very lazy days for me and my humans and the only machines that sometimes come out are the lawn mower and the strimmer. You all know the mower was out yesterday, so today my DH tooked out the strimmer and made the garden look all lovely and this pleases the old dear 'cos it makes all her hard work worth it when my garden looks beautiful.

I have lots of company when I am outside 'cos as well as my humans being here with me, the nice farmer man next door has put all his mummy sheeps and their little baby lambs in the field in front of my house so there will always be somewhere for me to go when I want to go out. I love when they are all there. The little baby sheeps make lovely little noises and I have great fun watching them running and jumping all around the field. It makes me smile lots.

I helped my DH while he was in the garden and when I went back inside, my MH was on her Wii so I lay down on my couch and watched her. She told me that when she takes it out again, she will ask my little Wii Mii what weight I am but we both know it will tell her I am just perfect. That goes without saying really!

So, that has been my Sunday and it has been a very good day. I hope your Sunday has been very good too.

Saturday, 11 June 2016

Squeak's Saturday

We all had a long sleep although I am afraid that I had so much energy through the night that I wakened my poor old MH twice 'cos I wanted to play. She didn't get angry, but she didn't get up to play either. Instead, she just cuddled me and we whispered together so that my DH wouldn't hear us, although you all know that would be highly unlikely, don't you? Hee hee

When we all got up,I sat on my MH's knee while she and my DH decided what they were going to do with our Saturday and my DH decided that he would play with his wok and make the dinner later on but my MH wanted to play with her lawn mower right away so I went into my garden with her and helped her from my path. It was a bit breezy but not too cold and we were very happy when it was all finished and looking lovely again.

The rest of the day was a lazy one for us all although my MH went down to see my friend S.'s puss cat 'cos S. is away on her holiday and my MH goes to keep her puss cat company for a while and S. will do the same to me when my humans go away to abandon me for two weeks.

I stayed very close ro my DH while he was cooking. He thinks it was because I wanted to be near him but me and my MH know that I was hoping he might drop the chicken but sadly, he didn't :-((

There was a lovely sunset the other night and we though you might like to see what we could see. It is quite beautiful and I hope you like there pictures.

Friday, 10 June 2016

More Good Fun

It is a good job that I don't get freckles like my MH does 'cos I have been outside so much today I would be covered in them. I did have a wee look in the mirror just to make sure, but I definitely don't have any. Phew!

I have had a very good day and even the boxes arriving with sticky tape instead of string didn't spoil it for me. It was a bit cooler than normal, but it was dry and sunny with no wind, so just an almost perfect Squeak day. I did get a little fright this morning when one of my little birdie friends flew into my window. The noise made me and my MH jump but the birdie wasn't hurt 'cos it just flied away again, but what a big noise it made. Shame.

My DH was doing lots of work outside so I had plenty of company while the Boss was doing the ironing, but when she was finished, we went into the gym. She has told me they are going away on holiday soon and I am to be left all alone so I am not best pleased and I am milking it for all it is worth. The poor old dear is feeling SO guilty already! Hee hee

She needs to get her wee legs fit for their holiday and that's why she has to go to the gym and of course I have to see that she is doing it all properly. After she was finished, I went on the treadmill for a while, but it wasn't switched on as I have to get used to it first you see, and then I had a seat on the chair while I was getting my breath back.

Even thinking about exercise is tiring, sure it is? Hee hee

Thursday, 9 June 2016

Oh Yes....

.... I am liking this summer time. You all know how much I love being an outside pussy cat? Well, all this good weather lets me be just that. It wasn't as warm as I would have liked, but it was good enough to let me be out in my garden with all the little birdies all day.

My MH was busy doing housework inside my house, but my DH was painting the benches outside, so I watched him and just nipped in to see my MH every now and then and that was good. She did come out into the garden to hang out her washing, so I ran up and down the clothes poles and had great fun.

I helped her in the gym again and then she played with me on my grass for a while until I was tired and then we went inside. I have had my dinner and I am now lying on my MH's knee while she is typing this and my adorable little head is on her keyboard, so there are lots of 'tutting' noises when she makes a mistake.

I am sure it can't possibly be my fault!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A Quiet Day

.... but a good one too. The weather hasn't been just as good, but at least it was dry and that meant that I could still get out to play, so that was fine.

As usual, my DH was away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH started our day on my couch having a chat about what we were going to do and she told me that she didn't have a lot of work and that her time was all mine and she got a very special purr for that. I like when she doesn't have too much housework to do.

We played for a while and she came into the garden with me and then I helped her do her exercises in the gym before we headed back inside for a rest 'cos her little legs were a bit tired.

Later on in the afternoon, the four little childrens came to my house to play their guitars and that was my cue to head out of my window and into the peace and quiet. Now, don't get me wrong. They are quite good on the guitars, but oh my goodness what a noise they all make! I was outside in my garden and I could STILL hear them! They even made all the little birdies fly away! Hee hee. It was oh so lovely and quiet again in my house when they went away again---but I do like when they come 'cos they always play with me until my MH starts working with them.

I am having a snooze now as you can see, but I will be heading outside when I waken up and hopefully I will be able to stay out until it is very late 'cos I love that lots.

Tuesday, 7 June 2016


There was a wee bit of excitement in my house this morning. Me and my MH were up first and when we went into the living room, there was one of my little birdie friends flying around! Oh my, what a surprise we all got. It was flying about the room and I just watched it. It settled down on my window sill and I jumped up beside it to give it a wee cuddle. I wasn't going to hurt it, but my MH told me to leave the little birdie and she gave it a safer cuddle then opened the window to let it fly away again. And we were all very happy ---'specially the little birdie!

My day just got better after that as it was so lovely and warm that all the windows and the door were open so I could come and go just as I wanted. My MH was busy doing all the housework she couldn't do yesterday and my DH was working at her little kangaroo car 'cos it is sick and won't go for her and she is not best pleased which meant I had to cheer her up lots of times, but I know just what do do. Shall I tell you? Okey dokey. I sit very close to her and I purr very loudly and then I give her chin some of my gentle-ish head butts and she likes those 'cos they make her laugh so then I know she isn't fed up any more. My DH smiles too when he sees me doing this 'cos he thinks it makes me look sooooo cute! Yep, spot on DH!!

There were lots of times when the old dear came outside with me and I helped her wash all the outsides of the windows 'cos I am afraid that some of my little birdie friends had done something they shouldn't have---if you know what I mean? But we got them all clean and sparkling again and the Boss is happy. Today's picture is me watching a fly on my window and I am trying to tell it not to make a mess of it.

I was able to stay out as long as I wanted last night and the old boy even left the window open all night which meant I was able to go out when it was really, really late. It doesn't get dark on my little island and I just love being out when everybody on the island is sound asleep and it's just me, the mouses and some of the night time birdies. I think I am definitely a summer time puss.

I hope you are enjoying your summer time too if it is summer time where you are, that is.There are people all over this whole wide world that know all about me and that makes me a wee bit very excited. I hope you enjoy reading all about me.

Monday, 6 June 2016

All Alone....

.... but not too unhappy. It was another glorious day on my beloved little island, but both my humans had to go to Stromness so I was left all on my own from half past ten o'clock in this morning until four o'clock in this afternoon.

It was fine really 'cos as the weather was so good, they could leave the window open for me and I could come and go as much as I liked. The only wee problem is that I don't have any news for you. Shame!

I had a very good night as I was out playing until very late and although both my humans went to bed, the window stayed open so that meant that I could nip in for a snooze and then nip out again and I had the very bestest of fun. When I was finally tired, I nipped in beside my MH and had the loveliest snooze until it was morning and time to start all over again.

Oh, I love being me when the weather is like this and I hope you like being you, too. I will have lots more news for you tomorrow, I hope.

Sunday, 5 June 2016

A Beautiful Day

It has been so lovely on my little island that I have been outside all day. I haven't done very much except lie on my lovely new cut grass or have a roll on my path and I have been as warm as toast.

All the little birdies have been out too and they have been singing to me and that made me happy. Even the little sheeps look as though they are smiling, so it has been a very good day for all my little animal friends.

My humans have liked it too and they have been out lots of times to see what I was doing and my MH is getting more and more freckles with all the sun. She told me that when she was a wee girl, her grandma told her that freckles were fairy kisses and my MH has MILLIONS of them in the summer, so there must be lots and lots of fairies about my house and garden!

I did watch a wee bit of television with my MH when Andy was playing, but to be honest, it was too good a day to be inside, so I went out again and just kept nipping in to see how he got on, but I'm afraid he didn't win. Next time, Andy!

So, I have had a very good day and I am hoping that the weather will be good tomorrow 'cos my MH is going to Stromness tomorrow and that means I will be left all alone, but if the weather is good, I shall just stay in my garden till the humans come back again and I won't feel so lonely.

I hope your day has been as good as mine.

Saturday, 4 June 2016

I Have a Story For You

I have had a great day, but I had an even better night last night. My humans said I was a bit naughty, but I say I was just being high spirited. Shall I explain? Of course, I hear you yell. So, are you sitting comfortably? OK, here goes.

As you know, my humans went away and left me all alone last night while they went to Stromness for a meal. It was a fine evening, so they left the window open for me, but to be honest, I sat on my chair and I think I must have dozed off, for the next thing I heard was them coming home to me again. So, this meant I had a lot of energy still to be used up. I went out to play for quite a while before they went to bed, but during the night I wakened up feeling full of beans and I asked my MH would she please play with me, but she told me she was too tired 'cos it was the middle of the night and would I please go away and let her sleep.

Well, I wasn't best pleased but in all my six years I have learned not to argue with her when she is tired, so I decided to amuse myself and off I went exploring in our bedroom. I made a 'plop' sound as I landed on the ottoman on top of my MH's dressing gown and as she hadn't got back to sleep again, she told me later that she was half watching to see what I was doing. Just in case! Hmm, wise woman!

There were another couple of 'plops' as I took my adorable little self onto the dressing table and then a bigger 'plop' as I landed on top of the wardrobe. At this point, my MH was wide away and sort of whispered a shout at me to get down. So.....

.... I launched my adorable little self off the top of said wardrobe and landed on top of my sound asleep DH. I will give you a minute to conjure up that picture. OK? Did he get a fright? Did he shout at me? Did he waken? NO! He did NOT! He grunted and turned over and didn't even know I was there! This made my MH giggle so I launched my little self at her, and she DID know I had landed! But she cuddled me and we had a wee chat until I falled asleep again. Magic. We told my DH all about it this morning and he just shooked his head and thought we were telling porkies. As if we would!!

Sure that's a good story today? Hee hee

Friday, 3 June 2016

A Much Gooder Day

When I wakened up this morning, I ran to the window and saw that it wasn't wet, so as soon as I had gobbled up my breakfast, I was out into my garden and I was very, very happy.

It had been raining yesterday so the grass is still too wet for the old dear to be cutting it, so I knew I would get peace and quiet as long as I was outside. Lovely! Although it was still a wee bit windy, the window could be left open so I was able to nip in and out as much as I liked, so I have hardly been in my house at all today. I just nip in every now and then to make sure my humans are OK and to get a wee cuddle and sometimes a wee feed. I have had it just the way I like it, thank you very much!

I just had a wee bit of a disappointment when my DH came back with the boxes 'cos they were stuck with parcel tape again which isn't nearly as good fun to play with. In fact, I can't play with it at all!

So, my day has been good, but my MH told me some bad news and that is that I have to be left all alone tonight 'cos for some reason known only to himself, my DH has decided to take my MH over to Stromness for her dinner. I did tell him she was quite happy making her dinner here with me, but he said they were going and that was that! Not a happy Squeak!

It will just be for a wee while though, and I think they will probably leave the window open for me and then I will be able to play for a while when they come home to me again.

So I suppose I shouldn't really complain.....but I will! Hee hee.

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Rained Off

Ho hum. I am back to being a not so very happy little puss 'cos I can't get out to play 'cos it is raining! Boo. I don't mind a little bit of rain, but I prefer it when it goes away quickly and I can get out to play in my garden again. But today it didn't go away and I was inside all day. Boo, number two!

My humans were both busy and my DH got a bit wet going in and out of our greenhouse, but I had more sense and just watched him from my nice warm, dry couch and waited for him to come in again. My MH was busy with her cleaner and duster and then she decided to do some baking for us and me and him liked that---lots!

I played with my humans when I needed to use up my energy and I sat and looked out of my window and the little sheeps who didn't seem to mind that it was raining. In fact, some of them looked as though they didn't even know it was wet! Maybe if I let my little coat grow long and thick, then I could go outside and not get wet. Hmm I wonder how long that would take? Maybe I could ask Mr. Google.I have never met him yet, but my humans keep talking about him and he seems to know everything! Even more that my MH!! And that is MILLIONS!

Me and my MH thought you might like to see one of my swallow birdie friends that fly across my garden in the summer. They are lovely birdies and now that they don't dive bomb me, I like them a lot better.

Wednesday, 1 June 2016

I Think....

.... I will have to stop watching Andy playing tennis 'cos my adorable little head is buzzing and my nerves are all jangling after this afternoon. I am so happy he won but me and my dear old MH don't think we are strong enough to watch any more matches. BUT--he has been brilliant and I know my MH doesn't want to miss any more games, so I think she will probably watch him, but I think I might hide.

I have had a good day although I have needed a few wee snoozes 'cos I was out very late last night. My DH needed to get to bed quite early so that he could get up in time to go to the Cat Shop, so he decided to leave the window open for me and that meant that I could stay out as long as I wanted and then when I was ready, I just nipped in through the window, jumped up beside my MH and told her I was home, so she got up and closed the window and then she told me it was nearly two o'clock in this morning! Oops!

I sat on my window sill and watched the little sheeps and then I had a wander out into the fields beside them and for a long time I just lay there watching them all jumping and running and it made me very happy to watch them.

They are really beautiful little animals and they all play like little children running round in a gang and playing with one another and sometimes I wish I had another wee puss to play with but then I think about playing with my MH and I realise that's all I want.

My humans make me very, very happy.