Sunday, 12 June 2016

And My Sunday

I like my weekends 'cos they are very lazy days for me and my humans and the only machines that sometimes come out are the lawn mower and the strimmer. You all know the mower was out yesterday, so today my DH tooked out the strimmer and made the garden look all lovely and this pleases the old dear 'cos it makes all her hard work worth it when my garden looks beautiful.

I have lots of company when I am outside 'cos as well as my humans being here with me, the nice farmer man next door has put all his mummy sheeps and their little baby lambs in the field in front of my house so there will always be somewhere for me to go when I want to go out. I love when they are all there. The little baby sheeps make lovely little noises and I have great fun watching them running and jumping all around the field. It makes me smile lots.

I helped my DH while he was in the garden and when I went back inside, my MH was on her Wii so I lay down on my couch and watched her. She told me that when she takes it out again, she will ask my little Wii Mii what weight I am but we both know it will tell her I am just perfect. That goes without saying really!

So, that has been my Sunday and it has been a very good day. I hope your Sunday has been very good too.

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