Sunday, 19 June 2016

More Good Times

My poor old DH is still not feeling very well, so he stayed in his bed for a long time this morning and after I had eaten all my breakfast and had a wander round my garden, I nipped in beside him to keep him company and I think that made him feel a little bit better. He got up later and said he was a wee bit more OK so me and my MH were happy.

As the weather was quite good, although a bit windy for my liking,the old dear decided to cut her grass, so off she went. I did go out with her and fully intended to stay out, but when I felt the wind ruffle my little coat,I asked her to open the door and let me in and I watched her from the window. I am a very wise puss, am I not? Yes, is the answer.

She finished it all quite quickly---I think the wind was helping to push the mower, hee hee--- and as soon as she came in, I sat with her on my couch and we watched Andy winning his match although she went through all her finger nails and I finished all my front claws before he did. She told my DH that watching the tennis wasn't good for her nerves, and I totally agree. But we are very happy that he won. Well done, Andy.

I hope you like today's pictures of yours truly. I think I look very fetching in both of them. One is me having a snooze while the other is me having a rest on my MH's legs but I look adorable in both, don't you think?

And once again, yes is the answer :-))

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