Friday, 24 June 2016

More Good Weather

I think this is a very good summer and it is making me a very happy little puss. You know how much I love being outside in the good weather and I have been able to do that all day.

My DH had to go to Stromness this afternoon to get his hair cut for his holidays, so it was just me and my MH and we had lots of fun, but the very best bit was when she told me that my friend A. would be able to look after me for a while when they abandon me, so it won't be too bad after all. I do miss them but I know I will have good fun with A. and with whoever else is looking after me.

I was in and out lots of times last night 'cos my DH left the window open which was great for me. I had a long play and then a wee sleep beside my MH before I nipped out again and I did that the WHOLE night and I loved it.

I have been doing the same all day. Just sitting on the grass or rolling on my path and then running to meet my MH whenever she came out to see what I was doing, so I have had a very good day indeed and my little weather man friend said that we are going to have more weather like this so that made me very happy too.

I hope you are having good weather wherever you are.

1 comment:

  1. I am glad that your weather has been so good for your ins and outs. My little greatgrandkitties, Piper and Sully say they would like to be your paw pals, as long as they didn't have to sign anything, because they haven't learned to write yet. :)