Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Not So Happy....

.... but not UN-happy, you understand. The weather on my little island wasn't so good today. It was colder and a bit wetter than yesterday, so I was indoors for most of the morning, which did rather annoy this adorable little puss. In fact, this adorable little puss managed to annoy my poor old MH 'cos I kept asking her to open the door for me so that I could go out, but when I saw the weather, I just said no thank you and went back inside. This was OK the first and second time of asking, but then, after a lot of times asking, I could see she was getting just a tad annoyed and I finally decided to step out into the outside.

My dear old DH still has his cold and they are both supposed to be going into Kirkwall tomorrow but I don't know if he will go or if my MH will go all by herself. We shall wait and see.

When I did go out, I managed to find a wee secret spot just for me where I could get lots of shelter and so I stayed out for quite a while and one time when I came back, I made my humans shake their heads at me 'cos I came in the window, asked for a cuddle 'cos I was a bit cold, got my cuddle and had a wee biscuit and then went straight out the door again! I have them flummoxed, but then that's what us cats were put on this earth to do. Is it not, dear feline friends?

I don't have much news for you but I am a very well little puss and am still enjoying myself. I hope you are having a good time too wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

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