Thursday, 2 June 2016

Rained Off

Ho hum. I am back to being a not so very happy little puss 'cos I can't get out to play 'cos it is raining! Boo. I don't mind a little bit of rain, but I prefer it when it goes away quickly and I can get out to play in my garden again. But today it didn't go away and I was inside all day. Boo, number two!

My humans were both busy and my DH got a bit wet going in and out of our greenhouse, but I had more sense and just watched him from my nice warm, dry couch and waited for him to come in again. My MH was busy with her cleaner and duster and then she decided to do some baking for us and me and him liked that---lots!

I played with my humans when I needed to use up my energy and I sat and looked out of my window and the little sheeps who didn't seem to mind that it was raining. In fact, some of them looked as though they didn't even know it was wet! Maybe if I let my little coat grow long and thick, then I could go outside and not get wet. Hmm I wonder how long that would take? Maybe I could ask Mr. Google.I have never met him yet, but my humans keep talking about him and he seems to know everything! Even more that my MH!! And that is MILLIONS!

Me and my MH thought you might like to see one of my swallow birdie friends that fly across my garden in the summer. They are lovely birdies and now that they don't dive bomb me, I like them a lot better.

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