Sunday, 31 July 2016

Sunday Again

But a wet Sunday I'm afraid. When we got up this morning I looked at my window and all I could see was rain running down so I knew it would be an inside day for us. The rain didn't stay on all the time so I did manage out to play a couple of times but to be honest, I was just as happy inside with my humans who weren't doing very much so they had lots of time for me.

And in the afternoon, I got a great big surprise when my two friends J. and A. came in to see me and that made me very happy. I saw A. a wee while ago when we were looking after one another while my humans were on their holidays, but I haven't seen J. for a long, long time 'cos he doesn't live on my little island now, but just comes to visit his humans. They both decided that they need to see me so in they came and J. told me he now had two pussy cats and he said of you rolled them up together and made a new puss, it would look like me! Perfect!

I have had my dinner, and a wee quick run round my garden, but as it is raining again, I have decided to have a rest on my couch and maybe I will go out again before bedtime.

But only if this awful rain goes off.Please go away rain!

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Some More Views

You know I told you that my MH was at the dentist yesterday? Well, for some reason known only to her dear little self, she tooked her camera with you and so you can see some pictures of Stromness. In the second picture, my house is right in the middle on the top of the little hill that you can see. The big hills are on Hoy and I can see them from my garden when I am out hunting and exploring.

I have had another good day just doing pussy cat things and getting a little bit wet when Iwent outside in the rain. It didn't rain a lot. It just rained when I was quite far away from my house. But you all know what happened when I went home, don't you? Yep, I got cuddled dry again. It is well worth getting wet for.

My humans have had an easy day too but my MH did go out for a while to do some more crafty things so me and the old boy just sat and had a blether and a snooze. Well, I snoozed and he did some reading until the Boss came back and then I sat on her knee and listened to all that she had been doing.

I just love it when she talks to me and strokes my adorable little lugs at the same time. Yep, being a puss is definitely brilliant.

Friday, 29 July 2016

No News

It''s not because I haven't been doing anything that I have no news. I have been very busy, but my MH was away to the dentist in Stromness today, so she doesn't know what I was doing although my DH did tell her a wee bit.

She didn't need to get up too early 'cos her appointment was at dinner time, so we had our usual morning chat and cuddle, then I had my milk before she went away in the little kangaroo to catch the boat and I sat with my DH for a while.

We have been picking tomatoes every day and taking them into my MH and that makes her very happy. They really are beautiful but I must admit that the ones I have been purring to are much, much better than the old boy's!

But that is just between me and my MH-----oh, and you, of course! Hee hee

Thursday, 28 July 2016

A Wet Day

It has been raining all day and I have not been terribly happy with that situation, but has it kept me in? No, indeed it has not! I found my intrepidness and off I went out of the window and into the rain. To be honest dear friend, I didn't really mind getting wet 'cos I knew I would get cuddled dry whenever I went home again and I just love that bit.

There is just one little uncomfortable bit and without being too indelicate, it makes doing what a pussy cat must do rather uncomfortable 'cos my adorable little bum tends to get a bit wet if you catch my drift? And oddly enough, my dear old MH isn't too fond of cleaning THAT bit! Hee hee

My MH was busy with all her houseworking again and my DH was making a new shelf for our kitchen so he was in the greenhouse nearly all day. That was good for me because it meant I could go and sit with him when I got fed up being rained on, so it wasn't a bad day after all.

I hope you have had a good day too

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Wonderful Wednesday

Me and my MH have had a very good day while my DH was away to the Cat Shop. Wednesday is a kind of lazy day for the old dear 'cos she just does little bits of work and has lots of rests which means she has plenty of time for me and she plays with me whenever I ask, so Wednesday is one of my favourite days.

After my DH had gone away to the boat, I sat with my MH and finished off my little drop of milk and then we had a chat while she scratched my adorable little lugs and I listened carefully to what she was telling me.

She had some stuff to do with cards that she and her friends had made when she was at the Craft afternoon, so I decided to have a snooze until she was finished and then it was play time so I asked her to play hide and Squeak with me and this is me hiding behind my living room door, but as you can see, she founded me!

It was good fun though and we both liked it a lot. Maybe we will play again. I hope so, but I know I only have to put on 'the look' and she is putty in my paws!

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Another Brilliant Day

I keep having great fun. Sometimes I have fun when I am all by myself, but I have the very bestest of fun when I am with my humans and today was one of those days. Both my humans were home and we had our usual family discussion about what we were going to do with our day and my adorable little lugs picked up when I heard my MH saying that she was going to change the beds and clean the bedroom 'cos I knew that I could help her do this. And that is just what I did.

We went into the bedroom and when she tooked off the pillow slip, I nipped inside to make sure it was empty and it was so that was OK. Then I sat on the sheet and slided down the bed when the old dear tried to pull it off and that was great fun. My next big help was making sure there was nothing in the duvet cover before she put it on and I had to walk up and down inside for quite a few times. In fact, I walked so much I felt quite tired and had a wee nap as I waited for the duvet to arrive and then I nipped out again and that made the old dear smile and I like that.

I thought she was finished then, but she wasn't. She decided it was time to clean all the soft toys that are up on top of the wardrobes and she threw them down on to the bed so that they could get dusted. I sat beside them and counted them as they came flying towards me and I gave a wee cuddle to some of them, but the very bestest bit was when I went climbing.

My MH brought in the steps so that she could get up to the top of the wardrobes and when she was stretching, I nipped up beside her and she did get a wee fright but then she just laughed. I go up there quite often and I can get up and down easily so I was able to help her put all her toys back and I had great fun.

I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow?

Monday, 25 July 2016

Good Fun

The start of another week and my DH sailed away to the Cat Shop and me and my MH had a big discussion about what we would do with our day. Now, since it is Monday, I knew that the old dear would be working with her dusters and polishes so I decided to see what the weather was like and fortunately it was to my liking so I nipped outside for a while.

It was a fine day so I was able to stay out for a long time, but as usual I nipped in a few times just to make sure my MH was doing fine. Which she was. She had a lot to do but she was always happy to see me and she stopped every time to give me a cuddle.

In the afternoon when she was all finished, we both went outside for a while 'cos she saw this lovely boat in the bay and thought you might like to see it. I think it is lovely. While we were outside, we had a play together and I liked that, but it put me in the mood, so when we went back inside I asked her to please keep playing and of course she did----and we had brilliant fun.

I liked it millions and so did my MH. Roll on tomorrow!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Naughty Mist

Remember that I told you we were all hoping to see some fireworks last night, but it was a bit misty? Well, the mist went away for a little while and then came back again so that nobody on my island could see the fireworks and we were all a tad peeved. My humans opened the window and I sat on the sill and we watched and listened. We could hear them banging and we saw a couple of flashes of colour, but that was all. It was a shame, but that's what happened.

Today has been a bit better but there has been a little bit of rain. However, that didn't keep me in and I have been outside lots of times today just doing all the things that a pussy cat should do, and that this pussycat loves doing.

My MH went out for a while to do crafty things with her friends, so I had to look after my DH and we had a lovely time together and then when the old dear came back, I plonked my adorable little self on nher knee and listened while she told me all the things she had been doing and I purred while she was talking so that she knew I was listening.

So, we have all had a very good day and I hope you have had a good day too.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Fun Time

I am really back to normal again and I have had a very good day today although it didn't start too early 'cos I stayed out VERY late last night.

As you know, my humans were away to Stromness yesterday and they were a bit tired when they came home so even my DH was in bed early and I didn't want to sleep! Well, I had been kept indoors all day and I had millions of energy to be used up, so there was a family discussion and it was decided to leave the window open for me while the humans nipped off to bed.

Two seconds later, my DH was snoring and that was it so my MH had to stay awake and listen for me and I'm afraid it was after one o'clock in this morning when I decided to wander home and that meant that the poor old dear had to get up and close the window. So, you will understand why we were a wee bit tired this morning? We had a quiet day with my humans doing little bits of work and me spending hours and hours outside but coming home lots of times for cuddles, and of course they were always waiting for me.

It was a wee bit misty earlier tonight but it has cleared now and that is good 'cos this is the end of Stromness Shopping Week and there will be fireworks later on which we can all see from my window, but only if the naughty mist stays away.

I hope it does.

Friday, 22 July 2016

Abandoned Again!

I have been left all alone again today and I was not at all happy about it, I can tell you. My humans didn't go away too early and I did notice that they weren't carrying any cases, so I figured out that they would be home to me soon----and they were.

When they did come back,my MH told me that she had been at the dentist man and I did feel a wee bit sorry for being annoyed, but if she had told me that BEFORE they went away, I wouldn't have been annoyed. See?

Another thing that made me annoyed was the weather wasn't good when they went away so the window had to be closed and I was stuck inside from half past ten o'clock until half past four o'clock, but I settled down and had a snooze till I heard my door opening and then I scooted into the kitchen to say hello to my humans.

Once I had greeted them, I went out to play for a while as the rain had gone off and it was quite warm on my little island and then when I came home again, my dinner was ready so I gobbled that up and went outside again to make up for lost time. I was a much cheered up little puss by then.

And I am still very happy. I hope you are too.

Thursday, 21 July 2016

Very Confusing

I am getting really confused with all this weather changes. One day it is roasting hot and I am nearly a cooked puss and the next day I am nearly drowning in all the rain! And today? Not quite just as hot but definitely a lot drier so I am happier but confused!

I went outside this morning even before I had eaten my breakfast but managed to nip in through the window just in time for me wee drop of milk. Wonderful. My MH was doing some housework but as my DH was wandering in and out of the house, she left the door open and I like that 'cos I can lie on the carpet in my porch and watch what is happening outside and still keep an eye on what the old dear is doing in case she needs my help.

She told my DH that she was going to cut the grass 'cos the rain and warm had made it all grow again, so he said he would do some more weeding and that's where I went. Well, there is nothing I can do with the mower, but I can help carry the weeds. When she was finished, we had a play together and I rolled on the new cut grass which was lovely and it made my MH smile.

I am now stretched out on my couch beside my MH and I am having my after dinner snooze, but in a while I shall be heading outside and I shall stay out very late if the weather stays good.

I just love these night times.

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Oh Dear....

.... all our good weather has disappeared and it has been raining nearly all day. I tried to go outside a couple of times but decided against it when I saw the rain bouncing off my path! Oh dear, I was not a happy Squeak. Mind you, my MH cheered me up when she played with me and that was better.

There was a lot of thunder over my little island but that doesn't bother me at all. I don't like the lightening and neither does my MH but we are OK with the thunder.

I did manage a couple of trips into my garden and I lay on my path and watched the birdies having their dinner. We get lots and lots of birdies at our feeders and I love watching them. I don't hurt them and they are not frightened of me which makes me a very happy little puss.

The rain has finally gone off but the rest of the world has disappeared in the mist so I can't see very much at all.I will settle down for my after dinner nap and then if it is not pouring with rain I shall go out to play again.

But I am not holding out too much hope. Sigh!

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What a Day

My dear little weather man friend was right when he told me we would have a good day and we did, although it wasn't just a 'good' day----it was a brilliant day!

As soon as I wakened up, I did my usual and nipped to the window to see what the weather was like and it was beautiful. Lots of sunshine and no wind or rain. Yippee! A day outside for me and my humans.

There was some housework to do first 'cos my MH had to dust all the bedrooms and change one of the beds, so I had to help her a wee bit and we had our usual good fun with me getting tickled lots and lots. My DH was in the greenhouse and I went in and had a wee chat to some of our tomatoes. I will ask the old dear to take some pictures for you.They are coming along quite nicely but they aren't very red yet so I think I need to do more purring at them.

Later on in the morning, when all the housework was done, me and my MH were outside picking up some of the naughty little weeds that had growed up in my garden while my humans were on holiday. My DH had made her a kneeler thingy so that her little knees wouldn't get sore and he tooked a picture of her today so that I could show you what she was doing. It was very hot on my little island so I had to keep wandering about looking for some shade 'cos I didn't want to be a cooked Squeak!

We had a brilliant day and we were all outside for most of it which was just brilliant. It is evening time now and it is still warm, so I think I shall be outside for a very, very long time. I hope!

Monday, 18 July 2016

Not A Great Day.....

.... for weather that is. Everything else is just fine and dandy thank you very much. We all had another very good sleep but we had to get up a bit earlier today 'cos my DH was going back to the Cat Shop for the first time in a while and the poor old soul was a bit excited so me and my MH just smiled at him.

He went away on the boat and we had a chat about what our day was going to be like. My MH told me she had quite a lot of work to do and when I saw the rain, I knew I wouldn't get out to play too much, so I just settled down on the back of my couch and watched as the old dear flew round my house with her dusters and the vacuum cleaner. The back of the couch is the safest place 'cos it is the only place where I know I won't get sooked up into the hoover! Hee hee

I did manage out a few times but I had to get dried off when I came home again, but that didn't stop me going out lots of more times. My little weather man friend says it is going to be very hot on my island so I am looking forward to that and to being outside with my humans. My MH said that as soon as it is dry, she is going to get rid of all the naughty weeds that have grown up in my garden, and of course I will be able to help her and we always have good fun doing that.

So, I am hoping that there won't be any rain tomorrow and we can all go out to play together. Paws crossed!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Squeak's Sunday

My day started after a long sleep beside my MH and lots of times through the night we both wakened up and had a wee cuddle and I liked that. I love my wee cuddles and so does she so we share lots of them.

We got up late and sat on my couch for a while and had a chat. She told me some of the things that she did on her holiday and I told her what I had been doing but I didn't tell her that I was a wee bit sad being on my own 'cos I am a brave puss and I don't want to upset her although I think she knows I missed her. But I am not sad any more.

I had my drink of milk and then nipped out the window to see what was happening in my garden. It wasn't a very good day as it was a bit damp and cool but I had a good play anyway before I wandered home again to see what my humans were doing.

And that really was how it went on. The old dear is still getting things cleaned and ironed so she was a wee bit busy, but she kept having wee rests so there were lots of times I was able to sit on her knee and I loved that.

She told me that if it is a good day tomorrow me and her are going to do some weeding 'cos there are little weeds popping up all over my garden and my humans do not like that at all, but as my DH is going back to the Cat Shop, it will be up to me and her to sort them out.

And with a team like us, they don't stand a chance!!

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Normal Sevice.....

... is well and truly resumed. My humans are still a bit tired from all their travelling and holidaying, so we all had a good long sleep last night and we didn't get up too early, but when we did, our old routine started right away and I for one was very happy!

Me and my MH were up first and I sat on her knee while she had her cereal and waited very patiently for my little drop of milk and I made the old dear smile 'cos I was purring all the time I was drinking. My friend M. told my MH that she liked my purr so I must remember to purr for her whenever she comes back to see me.

I went out into my garden for a while but it was a bit wet and cold, so I didn't stay out very long and nipped back in through my window to sit with my MH for a while before she did some ironing and even then I stayed with her 'cos I know that helps her lots.

And that has been my day really. In and out but not out for long and when I am in, I am sitting with my MH 'cos she owes me lots and lots of cuddles which I am making sure I get!

But I know she likes it when I cuddle in beside her so we are both very happy right now.

Friday, 15 July 2016

A Great Day

I have had a brilliant day and you all know why, don't you? Yep. It's 'cos my humans are back with me again. I had a very good night's sleep and I have found a new way of helping me to nod off. I counted my MH's freckles!! I put my adorable little body on her chest and I started to count all the freckles on her face but before I got to about a million I was sound asleep!

When we got up this morning, I sat on her knee and got my little drop of milk which I had missed for ages and ages and ages. I went out to play for a while but I loved coming back in again 'cos every time I nipped in through the window my MH said 'hello my wee darling' and I liked that lots.

I didn't even mind when she cut the grass and she was very happy 'cos just as she finished, the rain came on!

So, we are all back to normal again and I for one am a very happy little pussy cat.

Thursday, 14 July 2016


It's me---Squeak and I'm back again. I got a great big beautiful surprise this afternoon when my door opened and I wandered through to my kitchen expecting to see my friend M. who has been looking after me, but instead it was my humans back again from their holiday and I was such a happy puss.

I was perfectly fine while they were away 'cos everybody looked after me and made sure I wasn't hungry or lonely, but I do miss my humans when they are not with me and my MH told me that she missed me lots and lots too, so that was OK.

I asked them where they had been and they told me it was roads and I didn't like to tell them that I didn't think going on holiday to see roads was a very good idea but I didn't want to hurt them. They are quite odd at times! Sigh.

Anyway, that is all for just now 'cos I told the old dear that she could write and tell you that I am very well and very happy now that they are home, but she has to put her computer away and let me sit on her knee for as long as I want. She owes me, big time! Hee hee

I will tell you lots more tomorrow.

Note from Squeak's MH. We had a brilliant time in Rhodes and a big thank you to everyone who took such good care of my adorable little Squeak while we were away. You may not have noticed, but I love her to bits! :-)