Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Another Brilliant Day

I keep having great fun. Sometimes I have fun when I am all by myself, but I have the very bestest of fun when I am with my humans and today was one of those days. Both my humans were home and we had our usual family discussion about what we were going to do with our day and my adorable little lugs picked up when I heard my MH saying that she was going to change the beds and clean the bedroom 'cos I knew that I could help her do this. And that is just what I did.

We went into the bedroom and when she tooked off the pillow slip, I nipped inside to make sure it was empty and it was so that was OK. Then I sat on the sheet and slided down the bed when the old dear tried to pull it off and that was great fun. My next big help was making sure there was nothing in the duvet cover before she put it on and I had to walk up and down inside for quite a few times. In fact, I walked so much I felt quite tired and had a wee nap as I waited for the duvet to arrive and then I nipped out again and that made the old dear smile and I like that.

I thought she was finished then, but she wasn't. She decided it was time to clean all the soft toys that are up on top of the wardrobes and she threw them down on to the bed so that they could get dusted. I sat beside them and counted them as they came flying towards me and I gave a wee cuddle to some of them, but the very bestest bit was when I went climbing.

My MH brought in the steps so that she could get up to the top of the wardrobes and when she was stretching, I nipped up beside her and she did get a wee fright but then she just laughed. I go up there quite often and I can get up and down easily so I was able to help her put all her toys back and I had great fun.

I wonder what we will be doing tomorrow?

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