Saturday, 23 July 2016

Fun Time

I am really back to normal again and I have had a very good day today although it didn't start too early 'cos I stayed out VERY late last night.

As you know, my humans were away to Stromness yesterday and they were a bit tired when they came home so even my DH was in bed early and I didn't want to sleep! Well, I had been kept indoors all day and I had millions of energy to be used up, so there was a family discussion and it was decided to leave the window open for me while the humans nipped off to bed.

Two seconds later, my DH was snoring and that was it so my MH had to stay awake and listen for me and I'm afraid it was after one o'clock in this morning when I decided to wander home and that meant that the poor old dear had to get up and close the window. So, you will understand why we were a wee bit tired this morning? We had a quiet day with my humans doing little bits of work and me spending hours and hours outside but coming home lots of times for cuddles, and of course they were always waiting for me.

It was a wee bit misty earlier tonight but it has cleared now and that is good 'cos this is the end of Stromness Shopping Week and there will be fireworks later on which we can all see from my window, but only if the naughty mist stays away.

I hope it does.

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