Friday, 29 July 2016

No News

It''s not because I haven't been doing anything that I have no news. I have been very busy, but my MH was away to the dentist in Stromness today, so she doesn't know what I was doing although my DH did tell her a wee bit.

She didn't need to get up too early 'cos her appointment was at dinner time, so we had our usual morning chat and cuddle, then I had my milk before she went away in the little kangaroo to catch the boat and I sat with my DH for a while.

We have been picking tomatoes every day and taking them into my MH and that makes her very happy. They really are beautiful but I must admit that the ones I have been purring to are much, much better than the old boy's!

But that is just between me and my MH-----oh, and you, of course! Hee hee

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